Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International
Kathi Middendorf

Spirit Coach
Do you feel you may be blocked at some level of your life---physical, emotional, mental or spiritual? Laser Coaching helps you identify the cause, create a plan and put it into action to move beyond the block. With Laser Coaching, I empower you to take charge of your life and become the person you never dared to envision yourself to be. In a session, I hear what you have left unsaid, and ask the questions to move you to your truth. And, as one of my clients stated, "…champion you and hold the space for the soul to manifest its desires."

My training includes a Ph.D. in Social Psychology, ordination as a Minister of Spiritual Counseling, training and graduation from Coach University. I have been actively involved in the spiritual community for the past 13 years, serving on the national board of SFF for two years and the local board for 6.

I have my own company, KAM Coaching Services, Ltd. and do spiritually based couching for clients as well as working as an adjunct consultant to a firm that provides workshops and career coaching for individuals who have been laid off. Please check out my web site, www.coachyourspirit.com to get a better understanding of coaching and my life view.



Check out Kathi's web site, www.coachyourspirit.com
It will give you a better understanding of coaching and Kathi's life view.

You can also send her email at dr_kathi@msn.com


SFF wishes to thank Kathi for her participation in our Psychic and Healing Fair this year.