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Larry Henson

Flower Essence Practicioner

Flower Essences

Are They Right for You?

The Beauty of a Flower

Flowers are a source of inspiration for all of us. Their beauty is a delight for our eyes. The scent brings pleasure in our smell.

The element associated with the flower is air. In Tibetan culture, the air element is the source of healing. It pervades all of creation. The flower releases its scent into the air for all to enjoy.

In the flower is contained the entire essence of a plant, which is transformed into a new generation of the same plant through the seed.

Finding the Flowers for You

The healing properties of each plant is unique. How do we determine which flower essence is right for you? Starting with Dr. Edward Bach and continuing today, people have experimented with flower essences to determine their healing properties. The results of their research can be used to match the disease with the right flower. Some practitioners use intuitive techniques, such as muscle testing, to determine what essences are best for a person. Either of these methods is effective. Which do you feel is right for you?

What is an Essence?

An essence is the energy template of a flower, mineral, a star, or other forms. Water is used as the carrier of the vibration, the sun is usually used to facilitate the vibrational transfer,. The moon or heat may be used in some cases. Brandy is usually used as a preservative to keep the essence fresh.

When a person takes the essence, the energy signature of the flower is understood. The person can choose the vibrate at the new level, stay at their current level, or even return to their current level after experiencing the new vibration. There is no addictive effect; the person always has a choice to change. Also, moving to the new vibrational level can take a few weeks, but at times, the change is almost immediate.

Different kinds of essences work mostly with specific levels of a person’s bodies. Flower essences affect the emotional body strongest, but also affect the spiritual body. Mineral essences work with mental and physical bodies.

Are Flower Essences Safe?

Flower essences are safe to use at any time. Unlike allopathic medicines, herbs, aromatherapy, or homeopathy, they do not force any changes on a person. At each decision point in your life, you can choose the path you will take. The essence gives you a clearer view about the results of your choice. Because you are involved in making the choices, the changes you have effected are long-lasting. And with the changes occurring in your emotional and spiritual bodies, resulting physical manifestations can happen because of your new outlook on life.

Flower essences can be combined with other therapies effectively. They will not interfere with the other therapy; they will complement it. Could we ask for anything better?

Flower Essence Preparation

The preparation of a flower essence is an alchemical process involving the elements of fire, water, earth, and air. The flowers are put in a clear glass bowl set on the earth. The sun is allowed to shine on the bowl for several hours while the wind circulates, bring the right conditions to allow the water to hold the essence. The intent of the practitioner helps to bring the process into fruition.

After the process is done, the essence is stabilized, usually with brandy. This is called the mother essence. What is usually sold in stores is a dilution of the mother essence, called the stock essence. This is used to create the individual dosage bottles that you will be given by the practitioner.


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Larry Henson

Flower Essence Practitioner



SFF wishes to thank Larry for his participation in our Psychic and Healing Fair this year.


Larry Henson is a flower essence practitioner who uses intuitive guidance to select essences to help you manifest your visions. Working with your spirit guides and his, Larry gives a reading of the energies you are currently manifesting in your life. At the same time, he tests for and selects essences to assist you in living your soul's purpose at this time in your life. Each essence contains the vibrational pattern of a specific plant or mineral. When tasted, the essence allows you to align with that vibrational pattern in your own spiritual, mental or emotional bodies. Complementing other modalities, flower essences are a safe, powerful, gentle and effective way to a new you. You can contact Larry at 919-661-8371 or lwh@nc.rr.com