Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship

Raleigh Chapter

Psychic and Healing Fair
June 2008
Issue 231
*** Our Annual Fundraising Event ***
Saturday, June 7, 2008


Registration begins at 1:45 PM
Individual sessions last 20 minutes
Sessions held: 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Cost: $25 for 20 minutes.

Aura photos are $25 each.
Aura Photos begin at 2:00 PM
Have your aura photo taken while you are waiting for your appointments with the other practitioners. You will receive a personal interpretation of your aura photo.


**** Please note that this year, the Psychic Fair will be held on Saturday afternoon, not Thursday evening. ****

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh
3313 Wade Avenue, Raleigh, NC
**** Please also note that the Psychic Fair will be held in the Clara Barton room of the old building and NOT in our usual space in the new building. ****

Here is a list of who will be participating (stay tuned as the list may change)

(Please bring birth date, time & location for astrology readings.)
Beth Owl's Daughter - Tarot Reader
Beth Owl’s Daughter has been reading the tarot since 1972 as a method to help people gain insight and clarity when faced with the choices and challenges of life. www.OwlsDaughter.com
Christina Graham - Intuitive
Dennis Frank - Tarot Reader, Intuitive
Dennis Frank has studied and practiced intuition, mind mapping, and Tarot for 5 years; he will guide you in answering questions from your heart and the Source Consciousness. DJFrank58@yahoo.com
Diana Henderson - Runes, Angel cards, Intuitive
Diana Henderson has been doing spirit-guided psychic & runic readings for several years. Readings may include clairaudience, clairvoyance, and light trance channeling, and often speak to soul purpose. www.DianaHenderson.net
Drew Becker - Astrologer
Drew Becker practices empowerment astrology with the intent of helping others maximize their gifts and talents and find ways to confront challenges and barriers in life. DreBecker@gmail.com
Eileen Wood - Intuitive
Eileen Wood is a teacher, mentor, friend, writer, facilitator, speaker, scholar, and healer as well as an intuitive counselor. www.SerenityExpressions.com
Elizabeth Wilson - Holistic Astrology & Tarot
Elizabeth Wilson is a holistic astrologer & tarot reader whose readings may include transits, progressions, relationship and family issues, work related themes, and even relocation. TWilson851@aol.com
Gloria Andrioli - Intuitive
Gloria Andrioli is a doctor of transpersonal psychology, a medical intuitive, and a transformational teacher. She uses Life Make Over cards to help you address your relationships, health, and career, as well as to help you achieve personal enrichment, fulfillment, and inner balance. www.InVisionLiveWell.com
Jeannie Whyte - Past Life Reader
Jeannie Whyte is a talented psychic and empath who channels the Ascended Masters and practices remote viewing; she will do past life regressions. LivingWisely@yahoo.com
Mary Mooney - Sangoma or Intuitive Readings
Mary Mooney is a Reiki master who will offer either intuitive readings or sangoma divination. Sangomas are African shamans who rely on divination as part of their healing. MaryMooney@mindspring.com
Philip Young - Tarot Reader
Philip Young of Black Unykorn Tarot is a serious astrology hobbyist as well as a professional tarot reader. He says tarot cards are “an excellent tool for critical thinking and inner exploration.” www.BlackUnykorn.com
Stephanie Masengale - Intuitive
Stephanie Massengale is a life long psychic who channels with ease and receives clear messages from the spiritual realm. Rainbow.SimpleLiving@gmail.com
Steven Rogat - Spiritual Intuitive readings
Steven Rogat is a clairvoyant, medical intuitive, metaphysical consultant, spiritual & shamanic Healer, licensed professional counselor, personal growth facilitator, and author. Rogat@mindspring.com
Sunny Wang - Intuitive readings
Sunny Wang is a wisdom teacher who has dialoged with God and Ascended Masters extensively regarding the operating principles of the Universe; a specialty is the practical application of the Law of Attraction. BlissfulSunny@gmail.com
Susan Reintjes - Intuitive
Susan Reintjes is a psychic counselor and healer who, for over 25 years, has facilitated profound transformation for clients in all areas of life including intimacy, health, relationships, and career. She spoke at SFF just last month. SReintjest@mindspring.com
Susie Keeney - Doreen Virtue Card Reader
Susie Keeney gives intuitive readings using Doreen Virtue’s beautiful card decks—you may choose from Magical Unicorns, Fairies, Mermaids & Dolphins, and Archangels to customize your journey. www.TurquoiseTemple.com
T. Raphael Simons - Chinese Astrology
T. Raphael Simons will give readings in Chinese astrology. He is also a practitioner of feng shui, hypnotherapy, holistic therapies, and western astrology; and is the author of several books on feng shui and frequent writes articles for Innerchange magazine.
Wendy Kennedy & Sherry Woodyard - Team Intuitive Readings
Wendy Kennedy & Sherry Woodyard are powerful intuitive readers who work together to offer a unique opportunity to get any of your life questions answered. WendyBird88@hotmail.com; SherrWood@bellsouth.net

Healing Arts:
Donna Duff - Energy Healer
Donna Duff is a nurse healer and an instructor in healing touch and energy medicine; she will do energy healing. www.nccht.com
Maryphyllis Horn - Shamanic Healer
Maryphyllis Horn is a shaman of the soul and by nature sees the light of Spirit in everyone; she will do shamanic healing. SoulShaman@aol.com
Sharri Gaines - Reflexologist
Sharri Gaines offers reflexology, a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands that correspond to every part of the body. Massaging these points can promote specific body and muscular functions. SGainesYoga@msn.com
Tom Hildebrand - Healer
Tom Hildebrand is an extremely gifted intuitive healer. TomHildebrand@embarqmail.com
Susanne Kaiser - Chinese Healing
Susanne Kaiser will offer Chinese healing. SusanneKa@mindspring.com

Aura Photography with Joy Ayscue
The aura camera is a biofeedback and sensor system. Your aura photo will show colors located at different places around your head, indicating traits about you and your personality; includes a printed interpretation guide. www.TrueColorsAuraPhotography.com
New this year:
Books on metaphysics, spirituality & alternative healing donated by Greg Stewart and John Simone, available for love offerings
Nutritious and Tasty Snacks, everything $1
Calendar of Events

July 3 - No Meeting
Our annual break

August 7 - Andy Dooley
Special Engagement
How to Change Your Life Forever

August 8- Andy Dooley
Special Friday Engagement
Show Me the Funny

August 9- Andy Dooley
Special Workshop
You are Awesome, Amazing, Fun and Fantastic!

September 4 - Steven Rogat
Ghosts are Real People Too!
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