March, 2010

Issue 250

Elizabeth Harper & Kala Ambrose
Connect with Your Personal Goddesses, Angels, and Guides through Color

Elizabeth Harper


The colors we choose—in our clothes, the food we eat, our creative pursuits, home decoration, and work environment—reflect messages from the deep knowing part of our being. Color is the mirror of the soul, permeating every aspect of our lives and generating significant emotions, but our awareness of color is often buried beneath the surface of our waking consciousness.

Psychic, color, and aura experts Elizabeth Harper and Kala Ambrose will describe the power and presence of color in our lives and how it affects us on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Our personal goddesses, angels, and guides use color to inspire us on our journeys through life; understanding and using the symbolism of color, which we will learn to do in this program, can help us interpret the messages and strengthen our communication with these spiritual guardians.

Every day, waves of color-filled energy wash over us: Pink invokes love, green creates space, violet inspires reverence. It’s not necessary to be a therapist, healer, artist, or psychic to experience the potential growth opportunities and awakening effects of color. Anyone with a desire for a deeper understanding of color can learn to recognize the revealing qualities of their “true colors” and the messages they convey. Elizabeth and Kala will teach us how.

They will also lead a meditation for connecting with our personal best colors; present a version of Elizabeth’s prediictive “Colorscope” oracle designed for Triangle area energy; and connect us with our specific divine feminine goddesses assigned according to birth month.

Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed soul therapist, color intuitive, healer, and teacher; a faculty member of the renowned Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York; the author of the book Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires and the CD Chakra Workout Meditations; and designer of color-coded Rainbow Spirit jewelry. Originally from England, she has appeared on British and American radio and television, and she presents workshops and offers consultations worldwide; her infectious fun, laughter, love, and obvious embodiment of spiritual truth touches her work with magic.

Elizabeth Lesser, a cofounder of Omega Institute, says of her, “Elizabeth Harper is a gifted teacher and intuitive. Her workshops at Omega have helped students from around the world find their own inner compass. Not only does she know her subject matter inside and out, but she is also a truly giving and genuine person. She walks her talk and that is a gift indeed!”

Learn more about Elizabeth at her website,

Kala Ambrose is an intuitive empath, inspirational speaker, and voice of the highly acclaimed “Explore Your Spirit with Kala” online talk show; the author of the book 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled and of a trilogy of sacred site meditation CDs; contributor to the book Ancient Code: Are You Ready for the REAL 2012?; and metaphysical spirituality writer for the national edition of Learn more about Kala at her website,


Early Meditation - Free

6:30 - 7:00 PM in the Ralph Waldo Emerson room

Come early and treat yourself to the gift of a healing and centering meditation. The first few minutes are focused on sending healing love and light to Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

Then enjoy an extended meditation led by Susan Hunter.

We have been in a “mind over matter” era, but we’re now entering a “soul over matter” era: Heal the soul first, and the mind and body will follow. Susan will reveal a simple sacred soul secret to heal and rejuvenate yourself and others—a simple, yet powerful, practice you can use at home that can work in all areas of your life!

Over the past 15 years, Susan has acquired advanced training in LaHo-Chi and Theta Healing. She is a Certified Soul Healing Teacher and Healer, trained by the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment, founded by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha; teaches weekly Power of Soul classes and workshops; and has a healing practice, Healing Nature’s Way, based on Dr. Sha’s simple, yet powerful methods of soul over matter. Contact Susan at or 919-616-6888.

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This Month's Angel Door Prize


We have multiple prizes this month!

. A signed copy of Kala’s book 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled
.A guided meditation CD from Kala.
.Chakra Workout Meditations CD by Elizabeth
.A copy of Elizabeth's book Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart's Desires

Elizabeth’s and Kala’s books and CDs will also be available for sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit SFF.

This Month's Raffle - $5

Buy a ticket for a chance to win a one-hour intuitive healing session, a $90 value, with Jodi L. Brown.

Jodi is an intuitive healer certified in life and spiritual coaching and in healing touch, and is a therapist at Massage Heights wellness retreat in Cary. She has studied with many Native American medicine elders, shamans, spiritual leaders, and elders from around the world and brings together a harmony of many different healing modalities, including Healing Touch, sound, and vibration healing. Her methods can complement any medical treatment you may be using, and can include relief from pain resulting from injury or illness, stress reduction and balancing, and clearing of energy channels for optimal performance in everyday life.

Contact Jodi at, 919-896-7196, or 919-605-0888.

Artesian Spring Water

Once again, we will have really good artesian spring water for you provided by Tom Hildebrand from his Happy Hill Springworks. See his website to read more about this wonderful water.


We will be providing light refreshments at the break. This month, the refreshments will be provided by SFF.

If you would like to sponsor the refreshments at one of our monthly events, please see any of the board members. Your contribution is tax deductable.

Upcoming Events

April 1, 2010
Amy Pierce
Seven Steps to Embodying Authenic Self, the Universal Child of Consciousness
An Evening of Words and Music
May 6, 2010
Psychic and Healing Fair
Our Annual Fundraiser

Kala Ambrose

March 4, 2010

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Church
3313 Wade Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27607
Note: SFF is not affiliated with the Unitarian Church

Doors Open: 6:45 PM
Lecture: 7:15 - 9:30 PM
Cost: $10
Seniors/Students: $8 with valid ID

Light refreshments, provided by SFF, will be available at the break

Private consultations with Elizabeth and Kala

Choose an Intuitive Soul Guidance consultation with Elizabeth or an akashic “auracle” reading with Kala.

All sessions are
Friday, March 5; 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
$125 per 45-minute session
Location: Peace Tree Village
609 St. Mary’s Street,

If you wish to reserve and pay for a private consultation in advance, please select the appropriate PayPal option from the box below.

Soul Guidance Consultations with Elizabeth Harper

This personal consultation is a wonderful way to awaken a new awareness, reconnect with your intuition and inner wisdom, and recognize the steps needed to create a more fulfilling life now. An Intuitive Soul Guidance consultation with Elizabeth Harper reveals the gifts hidden within life’s challenges that enrich the soul on its journey. She is a psychic medium who can access various dimensions of consciousness, drawing on information from the past, present, and future, to connect with spirit and interpret messages from the “hue-man” light.

Your session includes:
· Selection and interpretation of Aura-Soma bottles
· An in-depth analysis of your color choices
· Identification of your soul’s mission, purpose, and life lessons
· Interpretation of your soul energy, including a small soul energy drawing
· Assessment of your personal rainbow
· Intuitive guidance on your soul’s path
· Acknowledgment of the opportunities for growth
· Linking the present choices with the potential of your soul purpose
· Acknowledging the “key” that opens the gate to future possibilities and probable future developments
· Recommendations for healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Akashic “Auracle” Readings with Kala Ambrose

Using a combination of aura and oracle readings, in these sessions Kala reads your aura and goes over the colors currently present in it; and then she shares, from your Akashic records, symbols, signs, and energetic impressions imprinted there that reveal the challenges you are facing today, the spiritual gifts presented to you in this lifetime, and the importance of your spiritual journey as it continues from previous lifetimes to the present.

Your session covers an overall reading of your aura and akashic records which includes:
· Current reading of your astral aura (which changes according to your emotional and mental state)
· Revealing thought forms in your auric field and what they represent in your life
· Illumination on what colors can enhance your aura and raise your vibrational energy
· Guidance on how to tap into your special skills and gifts using color to enhance the energy
· Uncovering deeply rooted energetic patterns that are ready to be transformed
· Determining which of the five elements give you the most strength and nurture your aura.

To schedule an appointment in advance, contact Once you have confirmed an appointment time, you pay from our website by credit card using PayPal. Otherwise you may mail a check to SFF at the address below (in time for us to receive it by Thursday, March 4), or pay in person at the Thursday lecture by check or cash. Advance payment is required to guarantee your appointment.

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship
P.O. Box 12773
Raleigh, NC 27605-2773

Saturday Workshop ~ Energy Anatomy: Exploring and Healing Your Auras and Chakras

Workshop with Elizabeth Harper & Kala Ambrose
Saturday, March 6, 2010
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
$75 per person in advance (by Thursday’s lecture)
$85 after Thursday, March 4
Journeys - A Spiritual Community
3209 Gresham Lake Road
Suites 128, 130 - 133
Raleigh, NC 27615

Using a variety of exercises and techniques both individually and in groups, Elizabeth and Kala will teach us to see, sense, and interpret auras within ourselves and others, including children, animals, buildings, and nature. We will discuss unique characteristics in auras, review how they were depicted historically, and reveal how the aura is changing in the 21st century.

Have you ever noticed someone in love literally light up or seen a pregnant woman’s glow? Do you accurately sense danger before there are visible signs, or can you sense when someone you can’t see is looking at you? These are examples of your ability to sense the human energy field known as the aura.

As light sensory beings, we emanate an energy field, called an aura, around our physical bodies. This auric field has been described throughout history as evidence of the life force—the Hindu prana, Chinese chi or qi; it has been represented in artwork as a halo around the heads of saints and religious leaders to represent enlightenment. When the auric field along with other energy bodies is aligned in harmony, we are able to manifest to our full potential. The aura is part of this energy field; it mirrors your mental and emotional states and the physical vitality of the body. Your level of health as well as potential blockages, which can lead to dis-ease, can be seen in your aura before the onset of physical symptoms. The aura reflects our thoughts, feelings, and desires, magnetizing and attracting to us what we create with our thoughts and emotions: When we are fearful, we attract fear; when we love, we attract love to us. As we become sensitive to the auric field, we can interpret the symbolic messages and use them as a compass to guide us on our path through life.

We will discover ways to:
· Connect with the energy fields inside and outside the body
· Interpret the symbolic messages of color, including life colors
· Enhance personal energy levels and raise the energy of your surroundings
· Repair, cleanse, and energize the aura
· Protect and strengthen the aura
· Sense guides and other beings in the auric field
· Balance and heal the chakras and aura
· Release old patterns and karmic imprints that no longer serve us
· Create better relationships with co-workers, friends, and family
· Unleash our potential and return to the peaceful lives that are our divine heritage.

To register in advance, contact You can pay in advance using a credit card via PayPal at the link below. Otherwise you may mail a check to SFF at the address below (in time for us to receive it by Thursday, March 4), or pay in person at the Thursday lecture by check or cash.

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship
P.O. Box 12773
Raleigh, NC 27605-2773


You can use your credit card or PayPal account to pay for SFF events online. Payment at the time of an event is by cash or check only.

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Saturday Workshop

Private Consultation with Elizabeth Harper

Please contatct Jim Fletcher to schedule your private consultation before paying at

Schedule time BEFORE paying.

Private Reading with Kala Ambrose

Schedule time BEFORE paying.





Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship Raleigh Mission

At SFF, our mission is to enhance the spiritual, mystical, and metaphysical awareness and consciousness of our community by sponsoring programs that facilitate personal growth and development and a holistic approach to health and living.

Within the scope of our mission, we choose speakers who offer a variety of views and philosophies, but SFF does not endorse any speakers’ statements or beliefs. You are invited to come with an open mind and depart with all that feels true for you.


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