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Maryphyllis Horn

Thought Field Therapist
In your sessions with Maryphyllis, Spirit heals you using specific methods or a flow unique to your needs.

Thought Field Therapy (tm) has instant, long-lasting results in releasing self sabotage, phobias and other overwhelming emotions. It leaves intact, rational feelings like right indignation, caution, conscience, and empathy. After a treatment, you can think clearly and calmly even when emotional

Other Services provided by Maryphyllis Horn

Soul Retrievals return parts of your psyche (soul) that fled to Spirit due to neglect or trauma. They can't return on their own. Soul Integrations. My unprecedented use of shamanic techniques achieves unusually fast, safe progress.releasing dysfunctional patterns and PTSD.reclaiming memories without pain.magnifying soul qualities achieving permanent improvement.
Soul Loss Symptoms: Missing soul qualities, fears, difficulty concentrating, depression, co-dependence, psychological work without improvement, grief, fragmentation, addictions, dissociation, different after trauma, alienated from/ sleepwalking through life.

Shamanism: Contacting Spirit Guides, Shamanic Spirit Journeying, Releasing entities and curses, remote healings, Shamanic/Celtic counseling, Ancestral work, empowerment, Breaking Cycles of Dysfunction and Lack, workshops, readings, lectures.

Feng Shui: The Black Hat sect of Feng Shui uses transcendental cures to change the Chi and magnify its benefits. Maryphyllis also uses Shamanic methods to enhance Chi.

Spiritual: Past-Life Regression Therapy, Future-life Progression, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Weddings

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MARYPHYLLIS HORN, M.Ed., Shamanic Practitioner,
is an Interfaith metaphysical minister and
Certified Spiritual Hypnotherapist,
Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist,
Certified Thought Field Therapist,
Certified Pastoral Counselor,
Certified Reconnection® Practitioner,
Certified in Karmic Matrix Clearing

She is the most experienced Soul retrieval therapist in the region and has written two books, "SOUL INTEGRATION, A Shamanic Path To Freedom And Wholeness" and "HEALING THIS LIFE, A Shamanic Path To Freedom And Wholeness" that include Spirit's ancient knowledge and insights into the nature of the soul, soul loss, soul retrieval and soul integration and methods of soul healing and integration. These methods were given to her by her Spirit Helpers for healing herself and others.

Mary Phyllis Horn, MEd, Rev., CMHt, Shamanic Practitioner,
Certified Thought Field Therapist (919) 542-0260


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SFF wishes to thank Maryphyllis for her participation in our Psychic and Healing Fair this year..