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Suzanne Lewis Brown

Hand Analysis

Almost everyone is born with two hands and this is what they tell us frankly and accurately: the left
hand is the statement of what talents you're born
with...your allotment of goodies for this lifetime to
use as you choose. The right hand tells where you are up until this very point of your life.

There is no difference as to which "handed" you are as to writing, baseball, bowling, etc. although your favored hand is usually somewhat larger and ring size is usually higher for this hand. This fascinating and amazingly 'on target' analysis is
a portion of my training in Feng Shui and not usually done by those in this country who practice it. It is NOT fortune telling or palmistry. The lines, nail contour, fingers, and density of the hand all tell your story and often may not be the one you tell yourself or others since we all tend to see ourselves in the best light and denial is a frequent co editor.

You can get answers and insights into the whys of your nature, the traumas still carried within your memory bank, and the talents still undeveloped which with little effort can be available for your use and enjoyment as a hobby or extra income. Sometimes friends and family can see our patterns of dealing with life but either don't want to meddle or may have tried to no avail as we lend a deaf ear.

Sometimes the enemy is none other than our own self and if we are given the cold, hard, and undilluted facts at a stage in our spiritual development where we are finally ready to listen the transformation can be awesome.

I was taught to study the hand out in sunlight and
with a magnifying glass and talk as I studied the
person'g hand, however, most Americans are master interrupters so I began asking clients to photocopy their hand palm side down and mail it to me so I could do the prelim work in solitude. When they make the followup appointment I can then present my findings, study their hand carefully in person, especially anything I have doubts about from the machine copy, and then make an effort to answer some of their questions.

Most folks have to digest what they have learned and if it also comblining this revelation with moving furniture, etc. for Feng Shui they can be in for a "ride of energy" for about three weeks. I've had registered couch potatos turn into balls of energy who move like tornadoed humans through their lives making things as they should be. I've also had two medical doctors send me patients they were stumped as to how to help and we've been able to unravel the mystery so they could go forward.

Watching clients change portions of their lives so as to live joyfully and productively is rewarding work. Sometimes I feels as a ballet master must when they see one of their students choregraph a masterful dance in which they become one with the music, movements, and audience.. Other times I'm saddened to find out none of the information has been used because the person is just too comfortable in the rut they're in, but I always try to be postive and say you now have
the info, I just pray you won't waste all the time
since none of us has a lock in on that.

Suzanne Lewis Brown is a professional Interior
Designer, Feng Shui Master, and Reiki practioneer with an ongoing group which has met in her home for eleven years. She also heads a ministry to Hiv/Aids and Cancer patients (Source Force) who live at or below the poverty line. in four N.C. counties.


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Suzanne Lewis Brown can be reached for appointments at
slewisbrown@earthlink.net or voice mail at

SFF wishes to thank Suzanne for her participation in our Psychic Fair which was held on September 8, 2001.