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Teresa LaVoy

Aura Mending or Etheric Weaving
The Etheric Weaver is a group of crystals that are suspended from a pendulum. The Etheric Weaver detects weaknesses in the etheric layer of the aura and then works to mend those areas. Often weaknesses in the etheric layer are present before physical illness shows up in the body.

Reflexology is a form of bodywork that deals with the feet, hands and ears. The practitioner massages points that correspond to the various organs of the body. The intent is to promote good energy flow to these areas and to work on releasing energy blocks. Reflexology is not recommended for individuals with diabetes or other diseases of the feet.
NOTE:The Reflexology session will require two appointment times.

Teresa LaVoy has been a student of the mystical and metaphysical for many years. Her awareness began in childhood through a shared interest with her mother in ESP and other unexplained phenomena. She began her studies in the mystical and metaphysical in 1971 after attending a past life hypnotherapy session with a friend.
During the past 15 plus years she has studied with Hawaiian, African, Australian, Maiori, Far Eastern and Native American healers and practitioners. She also builds and works with labyrinths for the healing of ourselves and the healing of Mother Earth. Teresa is committed to passing along her knowledge to her daughter and her grandson who is 22 months old and already a seasoned labyrinth-walker.

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Contact Teresa at 919-280-4633 or tlavoy@LabyrinthsinNC.com.

SFF wishes to thank Teresa for her participation in our Psychic and Healing Fair this year.