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Dale Allen Hoffman ~ Vocal Toning as a Path to Cosmic Consciousness ~ March 6, 2014


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Dale Allen Hoffman

Vocal Toning as a Path to Cosmic Consciousness

March 6, 2014


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Vocal Toning as a Path to Cosmic Consciousness

Based on his forthcoming book Echoes of an Ancient Dream, Dale Allen Hoffman offers an informative talk and experiential gathering looking deeply into the cleansing and transformative power of vocal toning, also known as intonation, conscious breath work and meditative science as a daily spiritual practice to transform the architecture of the soul.
Learn how the Sematic languages of Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic, as well as Sanskrit and many indigenous languages are built upon specific phonetic sounds relating to personal states of consciousness. The meanings of many of these sounds work together to create vibratory experiences meant to awaken our awareness of this essence within ourselves, and to hyper-stimulate our perception of body, mind, spirit and environment.
Dale shares his insight into the midrashic (interpretive) levels (pardes) of meaning embedded within sacred alphabets, languages, glyphs, and teachings and how a deeper understanding of these layers helps foster the cultivation of a direct, experiential relationship with humanity’s most sacred teachings. Learn about the sacred origin of the ancient Hebrew and Aramaic alphabets as well as experiencing specific exercises and practices to help awaken an ever deepening awareness of the evolving nuance of meanings beneath the literal surface meanings of sacred and religious texts. Dale will also offer a discussion of recommended reading and resources for further personal or group study as well as an extensive question and answer session.
Join us for this fascinating program with Dale Allen Hoffman. You can learn about him and his work at www.DaleAllenHoffman.com.


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