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David Beaver ~ Understanding the Magic of Your Own Experience ~ October 7, 1999


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David Beaver

Understanding the Magic of Your Own Experience

October 7, 1999

David Beaver, whose background includes nuclear physics and tbe Hinda Siddha Muktananda, says tbe world around you is much different tban
you think. Much.

Virtually all the great spiritual teachings of the ages have at least one major thing in conunon- they all tell us that the world around us-that we see and touch-is really an illusion.

Imagine hearing the same thing from someone who has a background in nuclear physics arrd cognituve psychology. David Beaver our Oct. 7 speaker, says the way we human beings get and process information gives us a skewed version of reality. We see what isn’t real and can’t see what is. “That is the very nature of our problems in life-we do not properly understand the evidence of our senses,” he says. “We make the naive assumption that they are showing us the world
around us while we must conclude, upon examining the imaging system, that they are coming from a shaping principle within our own minds. That our own mind is startlingly implicated in the very nature of the images we perceive. This is not to say that there is nothing “out there” but that whatever ls out there bears little or no relationship to the images in our head.”

Psychologist William James’ famous comment that at birth we perceive only a “blooming, buzzing confusion”-and the world is arrived at only by learning how to see it this way-leads to the natural question-have we leamed to see it wrongly? If so, what’s really out there?

David, a former minister who studied with the Hindu Siddha Muktananda has led a local Course in Miracles study group for more than 20 years. A former stage magician, his background also includes science and psychology.


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