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Deborah Roth ~ 0rdinary Magic for Extraordinary living: The Power of Transformative Ritual ~ June 3, 1999


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Deborah Roth

Ordinary Magic for Extraordinary living: The Power of Transformative Ritual

June 3, 1999

Ritual Facilitator Deborah Roth will have you believing in magic at tbe June 3 meeting – and doing some of your own!

Magic is simply the act of focusing one’s intention to create a desired outcome, whether it’s a nurturing relationship, the “perfect” job or vibrant health, says Ritual Facilitiator Deborah Roth, MA.

Deborah will discuss the basic structure and ingredients of transformative ritual and demonstrate how to create the sacred space within which magic can occur, how to use the power of symbols to manifest our intentions, as well as powerful, practical ways to ground our dreams in reality at the June 3
meeting. Come prepared to engage in ritual “play” and activate your “Inner Magician” !

Deborah holds an MA in Transpersonal Psychology and Women’s Spirituality. As a Life and Business Coach, she works with people from all over the country, integrating over 20 years of experience in both the corporate world and the esoteric/spiritual disciplines of Astrology, Tarot, and Earth centered ritual. She lives in New York City where she facilitates monthly Full Moon and Moon Sister Circles and co-creates unique rituals and celebrations for individuals and families wishing to mark important life passages. Deborah also conducts workshops and classes in all her areas of expertise and will be offering a special workshop here for women on Saturday, June 5.


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