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Diane Brandon ~ Vibrant Body, Mind, Spirit Living~ February 3, 2009


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Diane Brandon

Vibrant Body, Mind, Spirit Living

February 3, 2009

Can we live as our spiritual selves and yet remain grounded in three-dimensional reality? Is there a way we can live vibrantly in the physical world while maintaining our spiritual nature? In other words, can a mystic also be “worldly,” or at least firmly planted on earth?

According to Diane Brandon, the answers are, resoundingly, “Yes!” Living as spiritual beings on a physical Earth is rarely an easy prospect, yet there are ways in which we can cultivate a three-dimensional vibrancy without relinquishing our spirituality. She will share how she has learned to do just that through the adventure that her own life has been.

Diane was born and grew up in New Orleans through a mostly typical middle class childhood—an avid reader with lots of interests and activities—except for her innate fascination with psychic phenomena. It was a long time, however, before that interest became the basis of her life’s work. Her path brought her to Duke for a degree in French; to graduate school in radio, television, and motion pictures at UNC-Chapel Hill; through conventional work as a secretary, research assistant, and manager; and self employment in the performing arts. Her interest in all things metaphysical never waned, however, and in the early 1990s, she was persuaded by a friend to try working as a telephone psychic. As her confidence grew, her concept of what a psychic does evolved from “fortune teller” to “intuitive counselor,” and formed the foundation of the work she does today.

In her 17 years of intuitive work, Diane has focused on helping others to live to their fullest potential and lead fulfilling lives, drawing upon her own inherently spiritual and mystical orientation. Her radio show, “Vibrant Living,” both entertains and provides listeners with invaluable information and lively conversation with established experts, covering cutting edge research in a number of fields that shed further light on improving our lives.

After living and working in the Triangle area for about 30 years, Diane now lives in Memphis, Tennessee. (She misses us, though, and has plans to move back to the Triangle area!) She’s the author of the books Invisible Blueprints: Intuitive Insights for Fulfillment in Life and the forthcoming Intuition for Thinkers, and she has produced several meditation CDs. Learn more about Diane and her work at and

“We’re living in an incredibly exciting time, with shifts in consciousness increasing consistently,” Diane tells us, “and we can create a vision for our world that serves a unifying purpose and embraces a positive and inclusive orientation, as well as enabling our full and vibrant potential.”

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