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Diane Brandon ~ You Can Be “Heart-Centered” ~ February 4, 1999


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Diane Brandon

You Can Be “Heart-Centered”

February 4, 1999

Diane Brandon, a leading expert on heart-centeredness, will take us through a simulated near death experience and. the revelations that wait on tbe other side.

What does it mean to be “heart-centered?” What benefits can we derive from that state? And how do we reach it?

These are some of the questions that Spiritual Advisor Diane Brandon will be answering for us Feb. 4 when she presents findings of the lnstitute of HeartMath’s research into the heart, health and emotions. She will also take us through exercises designed to make us more aware of our own heart’s response to our emotions and feelings, and how they affect our bodies. In addition she will lead us through the Natural Process Healing Technique, a wonderful healing modality that simulates near-death experience (positively and gently).

Diane’s has been a familiar name in the Triangle for several years as the author of many articles in the metaphysical publications Innerchange and Connexions. She is a lifelong student of metaphysics and presently works in Chapel Hill with clients on an individual basis as an intuitive consultant
personal facilitator, and spiritual counselor. She focuses on personal and spiritual growth issues and offers dream interpretation guided meditatiory regression and Natural Process Healing, in addition to straight intuitive information.

Diane also conducts workshops-including a special workshop for us on Saturday, Feb. 6-and speaks on Developing Intuition, Personal Empowerment and Wholeness, Dream Interpretation and Natural Process Healing.



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