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Dr. Mary Asterita-Robol ~ Earth Changes – What in the World is Going on with Our Planet? ~ March 2, 2017



Dr. Mary Asterita-Robol

Earth Changes – What in the World is Going on with Our Planet?

March 2, 2017

Location: Unity of the Triangle, 5570 Munford Road, Raleigh, NC

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The Earth, like Us, is undergoing a magnificent Planetary Shift.
The Shift of the Ages


We are in the initial stage of the largest awakening collectively ever experienced in the long history of the human race.

Our planet is changing just as we are. It is undergoing a magnificent planetary shift. Both our planet and all life upon her are “waking up,” that is, becoming more aware of our own creative powers and our connection with each other.

We are now entering a year of great changes. Just as we are transmuting from inside out, starting with our DNA, so is our planet transmuting from inside out, starting with her inner core.

Dr. Mary Asterita-Robol will focus on the physical changes that are currently taking place that have become quite intense at times. There is a powerful force behind these changes and a powerful reason for them.

To better understand the reasons for them, Dr. Mary will look at the most important changes from a scientific perspective.

  • We know our climate is changing – but how is it changing? Are we experiencing a climate of global warming, which we have heard so much about, or are we undergoing a cooling trend advancing more toward a mini-Ice Age which we have heard so little about?
  • What are the main forces driving our climate change and producing the many events that many people around the world are experiencing? It seems that events such as weather anomalies, increases in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, electrical grid failures, etc. are becoming quite common or even the norm. Why is this happening and what is the current science that can explain all of this?
  • Is the Magnetic Field of our planet undergoing change? Are we in the midst of a great magnetic reversal? If so, what is the significance of this and what is the science behind this event? Does a magnetic reversal influence our health in any way? Many people have experienced a mental glitch, sudden emotional outbursts or even sudden radical behavioral changes. Is there scientific evidence that relates these changes to an ongoing change in the magnetic field, or even changes in our sun?

We, the planet, and all life upon her are in the midst of a Great Shift – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What is our role to assist the planet in her restoration, harmony and balance during this transition? As we assist our planet we assist ourselves and all life. We can play a major role right where we are, during our daily activities. We have immense and amazing creative powers – Remember WHO YOU REALLY ARE!


Angel Harp Meditation and Healing by Dr. Mary

At her presentation, Dr. Mary will play her “Angel Harp” for Meditation and Healing. In addition to her vast knowledge as a scientist, doctor and spiritual scholar, she is also an accomplished piano and “Angel Harp” musician. Her autoharp is tuned to angel energies that integrate the highest vibration of musical tones in the realms of universal love and light. Her music aids in vibrational balancing and healing. Such harps have been used as healing aids throughout the world.


Dr. Mary Asterita-Robol began her spiritual search during her 18 years as a Catholic nun. Since then, her path has led her to studies of math, physics, music, physiology, biophysics and medicine. She has taught and done research at Cornell, Purdue, Yale and Indiana Universities. While in the academic world, she was an international keynote speaker and author of several books that were used as university textbooks. As a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) in Indiana and then in North Carolina, she studied biofeedback, Reiki, Arcing Light, and other healing modalities, and incorporated them into her medical practice.

Now semi-retired from medicine, she pursues her interests in music, research, writing, and public speaking. Dr. Mary is a very loving and captivating speaker. She consistently receives rave reviews at each of her appearances. To learn more about Dr. Mary’s many accomplishments, visit her website at: www.RealmsOfLight.org

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