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Heiltje le Roux ~ The Oracle Light of the Kabbalah Linked with the Wisdom of the Tarot ~ February 2, 2017



Heiltje le Roux

The Oracle Light of the Kabbalah Linked with the Wisdom of the Tarot

February 2, 2017

Location: Unity of the Triangle, 5570 Munford Road, Raleigh, NC

Please note: Unfortunately, due to an equipment failure in the first half of Heiltje’s talk, the recordings are incomplete and will not be available for sale.

Heiltje le Roux, a South African national, is an extremely talented professional astrologer, tarot/oracle card reader, and kabbalah expert who will be visiting the US in February, 2017. While in the US she will give a presentation for Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship and offer 1-hour Private Sessions. Learn more below.


During the first part of the presentation Heiltje will show and explain the Kabbalah Tree of Life, how the Tarot cards fit on The Tree of Life, and what it means for our lives.

The ancient way of the Kabbalah teaches the way back to the Divine infinite light within the self, the idea of “Man, know thyself,” or the insight of how to go back to spirituality within each person. The soul lowers itself in order to incarnate in the vehicle of the physical body to live a life in the Earthly Kingdom of the four elements. Through the ten Divine emanations of the Sefirot, or divine attributes of the Tree of Life, the human soul energy flows from the Spirit of Divine origin down to the physical world. Once this is fully realized, the choice of being reborn into the upper regions of the pure spiritual can be made. This is the point of individuation that C. G. Jung discusses in his work.

Once souls are incarnated into the denseness of the body, they live connected with the animal instincts of survival by relying on the physical senses. We cast a shadow and this is an analogy of the darkness we fear that we cannot see, but is always present. Kabbalah teaches how to light the Living Spirit inside each one of us. This becomes the play of shadow and light, fear and insight. Through understanding the way back, we become the light workers connected with the heart of the Sun, the center of our Solar system and the heart at the center of your being. This way back is the timely revealing of what each soul came to learn and understand in this incarnation.

Kabbalah teaches how to balance the inner male and female energy of the side Pillars with the middle Pillar and how the three Pillars of the Tree of Life are aligned. This relates to the physical body and how to move through your day keeping you in healthy equilibrium.

There are four levels of the soul, each with very specific ways of manifestation in daily life. By linking these points of manifestation with the energy path linking all of them on the Tree of Life, we can reconnect with spiritual life. This relates to the 22 Major Arcana cards, forming the 22 pathways linking the points of the Sefirot. The physical four elements of the Minor Arcana are linked to our Kingdom of Earthly existence of our lives, and the Court Cards are linked to the levels of understanding the Divine levels of the Soul. Nothing is seen as separate, the universe is one, where we can read the ripple effects of time and manifested intentions through the Tarot or in Astrology, in every decision, in every word and every deed. With this insight, we can choose to have influence over every nuance of our lives.

An oracle reading will give information to awaken contemplation and deeper understanding of the self as a spiritual being to continually grow in awareness. An oracle Tarot reading sheds light on your level of understanding the time/space you are now becoming aware of; how to act on the insights gained and perhaps how to meditate to reach deeper insights towards the integration of spirit and light; how to contemplate with ritual, or receiving answers to pressing questions. By knowing how to become fused with inner Divine self, and transcend the world, you become a mystic light worker, by acknowledging and living fully within the Earthly Kingdom of Nature.

A Tarot reading using the way of the Kabbalah and the related spiritual teachings is infinitely layered with insight of how to be living the Light of the Worlds. Once you understand, you can no Longer say, “I did not know” and you can say, ‘’I now know.”

During the second part of the presentation Heiltje will demonstrate how this can be of value using Tarot card readings. For a chance to participate, follow the instructions below.

How to Participate in the Tarot Card Readings

 Details must be received no later than Saturday, January 28, 2017 to be considered.

  • Email your details to: heiltjelr@gmail.com
  • On the Subject line write: Feb. 2, 2017 – Tarot Card Readings
  • Details must include your:
    • Name – first and last
    • Birth location – city, state, country
    • Birth date – month, day and year
    • Birth time – include a.m. or p.m. (the timing of all Earthly events starts at birth)

Time will be limited so be aware that Heiltje may not be able to present all the requests she receives.

If there is time remaining, she will also do very short, random, “cold” readings for volunteers from the audience.


As a young city girl spending holidays on her grandmother’s African farm, all of Heiltje’s senses were fine-tuned by the wild impressions of nature.

Her father taught her to recognize constellations from the thousands of brilliant stars at night by noting the changes with the seasons and the impact of the absence or full glow of the cycles of the Moon. She became fascinated with Astrology in her late teens.

She obtained her Fine Arts degree in Information Design from the University of Pretoria. While studying, the awareness of a parallel dimension of pure light energy, together with a near-death experience (NDE), prompted her to seek answers through books on psychology, dreams, religion, myths, symbolism and medical referencing about the workings of the brain from the University’s library. She was looking for a primordial Root truth in every book encountered.

She discovered Jung and his studies on archetypes, Alchemy, Astrology, religion and his own experiences with other dimensions and dreams. His concept of synchronicity especially, or seemingly random connections, became a validation of her own validated experiences and central to how she now approaches Tarot and Astrology.

In History of Art, she studied Mythical sacred imaging as an expression of the yearning of the soul to be closer to the concepts of the Divine. In technical drawing class, the principles of Sacred Geometry evolved from two dimensional ideas to become three dimensional sculptures. Heiltje uses four systems overlaying when doing Astrology. It becomes a hologram of the soul with subtle change by choices from the client.

After Heiltje formally studied Astrology with a teacher, she combined her logical computer science and psychology background with Earth Magic, Mysticism and practical Kabbalah to teach Astrology.

She started Astrology and Tarot readings for clients and wrote and taught her first Tarot course. Kabbalah became a deep current in her life, detecting patterns, guiding her to seek and to find alignments through Astrology and Tarot.

Through her own past life regressions, she connected Astrology with the life path for this incarnation. It forms the story of the unfolding message regarding the reasons for this life, at this time, for each client during readings.

The Astrology and the Tarot systems Heiltje developed and teaches since starting to professionally practice Astrology and Tarot 20 years ago, are linked and embedded in the structure of the Kabbalah Tree of Life – the ultimate system of creation. Clients include individuals from all over the world seeking answers and businesses wanting to be at the top of their game. She links the patterns of the Universe and aligns them with the developmental time lines and growth points of each unique individual, couple, business or organization – tailor made to make informed choices for successful living.

To learn more about Heiltje and her work visit her website at www.12soulsteps.com.

Private Sessions with Heiltje

Heiltje will determine the inner growth point of the client according to the individual’s astrology chart and place that on the Kabbalah Tree of Life. This will show opportunities for “this” time and phase of their life. Then the client can ask questions concerning the present and future projections of wishes or projects that are placed on the Tree. Using Tarot cards, the answers will show how a client may choose to proceed.

A Private Session will be 1-hour and will be recorded. The client will receive the recording, copies of the Tree of Life, and the Tarot cards used, which will show and describe the opportunities discussed.


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