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Helen N. Hotz, Ed.D ~ The Tapestry of Wholeness ~ September 3, 1998


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Helen N. Hotz, Ed.D

The Tapestry of Wholeness

September 3, 1998

Helen Hotz, one of tbe nation! most revered spiritual teachers, offers us “new possibilities”.

There is a genius and a sacred spiritual being somewhere inside each of us, though most of us don’t exactly know where it is or how to bring it out. But Helen Hotz does And she’ll be here to do just that at our next meeting on Sept. 3. One of the nation’s best known and loved spiritual teachers, Helen uses her words and movement to ignite the forward momentum of our spiritual “beingness,” while providing a foundation on which new possibilities can form themselves.

It’s a complicated process which isn’t entirely understood by many, but just a few minutes in her presence is enough to convince almost anyone that something big is going on. Helen says she uses her gifts “to attune to the deeper rhythms that pulse through the individual and collective consciousness of those gathered, to bring the gathering to its own level of wholeness.”

Founder of The Center for Applied Creative Genius, Helen, who resides in Greensboro, travels the country teaching classes and workshops. She is as much at home healing damage to the structure of the universe as she is working with a client. “My daily life would seem like science fiction to most people in the world,” she says.

Helen often uses a quote from Nelson Mandela to help explain and attitudes about ourselves that she sees time and time again: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”



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