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Inspirational Messages from Your Guides and Higher Self ~ Tammy De Mirza ~ November 5, 2015



Inspirational Messages from Your Guides and Higher Self

Tammy De Mirza

November 5, 2015

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Tammy De Mirza is a channel and psychic medium with 45 years of experience in bringing to people the messages and information they need for healing and growth. She is able to serve in whatever capacity works best, including giving evidential messages from loved ones in spirit, reading the energetic field of her clients to identify and release the physical, emotional or mental blockages, offering the direct life advice of a person’s own spirit guides and Higher Self, and speaking from the unconditional love of Source/God, angels, and the ascended masters.

Tammy will begin her presentation with a channeling for the group’s themes for the evening, to touch every audience member uniquely and unmistakably. Then she will allow Spirit to guide her to those individuals for whom she has messages that will not only bring personal healing, but will also continue to address the needs of all in attendance. Tammy has experienced many times this magical ability of Spirit to say just the right words in just the right ways to reach everyone present, and she delights in sharing her connection to divine wisdom. She also enjoys sharing the techniques that empower people to hear and trust their own intuition and inner guidance.

Tammy started receiving clear messages from God/Source at the age of 11, often knowing things about others that no one had told her physically. Throughout High School she was known as “The Counselor” for her abilities to give readings and guidance beyond her years. Her gifts also set her upon the difficult path of learning to integrate and manage such differentness from others, which continued through many years of raising children even as strangers would arrive for her advice. Tammy has studied with several well-known masters, teachers, and mediums, but she continues to rely most upon her own direct divine connection. This knowledge comes to her both upon waking each morning and by visions and teachings throughout the day.

In addition to private consultations, Tammy is also currently developing courses for students of spiritual development. Her hope is to help everyone discover their unique gifts which offer endless abilities to succeed in love and life. To learn more about Tammy and her work please visit her website at www.TammyDeMirza.com

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