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John Wessels and Beth Owl’s Daughter ~ 2013: After the Shift: What Next? A Forecast for 2013~ January 3, 2013


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After the Shift: What Next? A Forecast for 2013

John Wessels and Beth Owl’s Daughter

January 3, 2013

What will the world be like, now that December 21, 2012, has come and gone? Join us for this presentation of two
fascinating views on the year ahead.

John Wessels, MBA, MDiv, PhD, will begin the evening with his astrological forecast. There are two key transits—Uranus’ and Pluto’s cardinal square transit and Neptune’s transit in Pisces (its natural home)—ushering in the momentous end of one epoch in human history and the birthing of a new one. This shift coincides with the termination of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, the precession of the equinoxes, and the end of a 25,700-year cycle to begin a new one.

Next year and beyond, many people will undergo rebirth—an awakening or ascension, gradually or swiftly—to a higher spiritual state. John will talk about how we can best position ourselves for the unfolding ascension process; the transits as they relate to the United States, based on our founding chart; salient events that may unfold in the US and globally; the unconscious shadow side of coming transition; and 2013’s Mercury retrograde periods.

Beth Owl’s Daughter will show us the tarot pattern shaping the coming year. We face challenging geopolitical issues, socioeconomic questions, and pivotal changes not yet known. As we move into a complex and precipitous future, how is the tarot a guide for making life-affirming choices?

Beth explains how the numerology of dates parallels the tarot: The year 2013 reduces to the number 6, which corresponds to the archetypal energy of The Lovers card. What wisdom does the energy signature of The Lovers offer? And how might it affect us in our everyday lives? In what ways might the coming year be reminiscent of 2004, our previous Lovers Year—and how might it differ? To help us know how to be of service as we give birth to our vision for a more creative, collaborative, balanced future, Beth will lead some brief exercises to perceive and integrate the power of The Lovers card, and will pull clarifying cards to help us work with this energy in the coming year.

About our speakers

In his early teens, John learned the art of archetype astrology from two professional-astrologer aunts. He has expertise in analyzing and intuiting Jungian archetypes imbedded in natal, progressed, transit, and synastry composite charts; he is also well versed in horary and mundane astrology. In over 40 years as an astrologer, he has interpreted thousands of charts for numerous clients, worldwide. He has participated in our annual Psychic & Healing Fairs, offering both Jungian archetype astrology and palm readings. Learn more about John at his Linkedin page, or contact him at

Celebrating her 40th anniversary of serving with the tarot this year, Beth is a lifelong guide in the non-ordinary realms; a trained hereditary seer; an internationally respected teacher, writer, leader, and master-level tarotist; member of several professional tarot organizations; an award-winning blogger, monthly tarot columnist for The Meta Arts Magazine; founder and organizer of one of the world’s oldest and largest tarot social groups; and member of the Board of Directors for Cherry Hill Seminary. From her home in northern Durham County she gives private readings in person or worldwide by phone, and also twice monthly at Dancing Moon Books & Gifts in Raleigh. She offers small group intensives, and a variety of classes, workshops, and seminars. She’s also a long-time and enthusiastic supporter of SFF, participating in many of our annual Psychic & Healing Fairs, donating raffle prizes, and leading meditations; she last spoke for us in 2010. Learn more about Beth and her work at

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