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Karen Wrigley ~ What Is Your Animal Trying to Tell You? ~ Aug 4, 2011


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Karen Wrigley

What Is Your Animal Trying to Tell You?

Aug 4, 2011

The animals in our lives can tell us a great deal about themselves and what they need from us, if only we know how to hear them.

Nationally known animal communicator Karen Wrigley will bring through messages to audience members from their pets—living or deceased. As an animal makes itself known to Karen, it will direct her to its “person” in the audience so that she can voice the message. Although intended for specific individuals, she says, the messages frequently are relevant and helpful to the entire audience.

She’ll also entertain and enlighten us with her stories of communication with the animals in her life and the extraordinary wisdom they convey. She’ll tell us the full story of her remarkable path to becoming an animal communicator; describe in depth how animal communication works; and explain what she experiences during her communications.

“Animals can be witty, serious, nonchalant, funny, bold, and sometimes what we humans would call rude,” she says. But, “When we can open our hearts to animals and acknowledge what they are thinking, experiencing, feeling, and how they view life, our relationships with all animals will change forever.”

Growing up on a small farm in Indiana, Karen knew from childhood that she could understand the thoughts and feelings of animals and could speak with them. Later she worked with animals as a veterinary lab technician and veterinary assistant, but her career as an animal communicator got launched by surprise. A woman she met at a trade show asked her to communicate with her dog, and then subsequently shared the story—without Karen’s knowledge—with a friend who happened to be a writer for USA Today. Karen found herself featured in a 1998 article, “Psychics Help Pet Owners to Get a New Leash on Life,” and suddenly her phone began ringing with requests for communications, radio talk shows, TV appearances, and speaking engagements. Communicating with animals and sharing the wisdom they have with the human world has become her passion and joy.

In addition to USA Today, The Washington Post, the Washingtonian magazine, and numerous local papers have featured her and her work; she has spoken for National Geographic, The Humane Society of the United States, and other organizations; she has appeared on radio talk shows, including Pets Unleashed with Dr. Marty Becker; and she appears on a monthly internet talk show. She’s the author of the book Beyond Woofs and Whinnies, in which she relates stories about animals in her life, their extraordinary wisdom, and how she communicates with them. Karen and her husband live at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia; learn more about her and her work at www.KarenWrigley.com.

“Expect the unexpected,” she suggests, “because animals have a need to express themselves and do not follow a script!”

Note: Of course, bring a photograph or other representation of your pet if you would like to, although these are not necessary for Karen to hear from them. Do not bring any live animals to the presentation.

Other events with Karen Wrigley: Karen will present an all-day workshop on animal communication on Saturday, August 6; on Sunday, August 7, she will offer 30-minute private sessions. Please visit our website for all the details.

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