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Kelly S. Jones ~Entering the Akashic Records~ March 5, 2009


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Kelly S. Jones

Entering the Akashic Records

March 5, 2009

Imagine a body of knowledge that records every thought, word, deed, feeling, and action of every soul who ever lived—a place where all knowledge of all potentials and possibilities is recorded. In the pages of this “universal filing system,” called the akashic records, are written the details of each of our souls’ histories from the moment we first decided to experience life—records that we can “read.”

In her presentation with us, akashic records reader Kelly S. Jones will describe what the akashic records are; who she communicates with, and how; how the interaction takes place; and what type of information can be attained from the masters and teachers of the akashic records.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word defined in various sources as meaning “sky,” “space,” “aether,” or “soniferous ether”; akashic records are equated with cosmic mind, universal mind, collective unconscious, collective subconscious, an ethereal compendium of all human knowledge, and a hidden library. A modern analogy might be that they’re a cosmos-wide web, where we can freely access information about ourselves and others. Akashic records are referenced in folklore, myth, and many spiritual traditions including Hindu mysticism and both testaments of the Christian Bible. The early-20th-century mystic Edgar Cayce is said to have obtained the personal and medical details in his readings from akashic records.

Following her introductory discussion, Kelly will offer answers to questions posed by our audience members. This will include a “group opening” of the records of those in attendance. We suggest that you prepare one question to bring with you; there are guidelines for forming your questions on her website. She will answer as many questions as time allows.

Kelly is a certified akashic records consultant based in North Miami Beach, Florida; she serves national and international clientele. She trained with fourth–generation akashic records
teacher Lauralyn Bunn and has been consulting the akashic records for clients since 2002. She has also studied feng shui (under the tutelage of five world–renowned feng shui masters) and
Chinese astrology, and is certified in each of those disciplines as well. Each service in its unique way provides individuals the opportunity to identify and shift personal and spatial blocks,
patterns, and beliefs in order to bring about life-transforming changes that result in greater happiness, success, clarity, and inspiration.

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