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Larry Burk, MD, CEHP ~ Let Magic Happen: Dreaming and Tapping for Symbolic Healing



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February 7, 2019

“Everyone has powerful tools at their fingertips for self-healing,” says Larry Burk, a Durham-based physician with extensive training in energy healing, hypnosis, acupuncture, dream interpretation, medical intuition and the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). At SFF’s February lecture, Larry will specifically explore two of those tools—dream interpretation and EFT or tapping, to help us do a better job of healing ourselves.


As an introduction, he writes:

  • You can use your fingers to open a dream diary and to write down a health-related question that you would like an answer to from the dream world.
  • You can tap yourself to sleep with EFT, using your second and third fingertips on the acupressure points to release any blocks you may have to healing left over from the day.
  • Keep your diary by your bedside and write down any dreams you get in response to your question. Identify the most distressing parts of your dreams and use the “Dream to Freedom Technique” to tap on these important transformative messages from your subconscious.

Larry will discuss these techniques as well as his multidimensional approach to dream interpretation that includes personal, shadow, warning, sexual, social, archetypal, synchronistic, and precognitive perspectives. Some of his dream work techniques involve having people circle any words that seem to be unusual or out of place and look them up in a dictionary to check for word play or unexpected puns related to their questions. Another recommendation is to check for any recurrent theme from past dreams and pay attention to any animals that visited in the dream world. Finally, he advises people to ask themselves, “What does the dream want?” It is seriously possible, he says, that the spirit world may have a question it wants the person to answer in return.

If a shadow or dark part emerges in a dream, Larry recommends using EFT to transform it into enlightened gold. When a negative experience occurs, he says, it is as if a malware program you don’t want is installed in your acupuncture meridian system.

“Tapping on the acupuncture points,” he says, “is like hitting the delete key, so you can uninstall the program. Once the program is gone and you re-save the file, the memory will be altered forever. The next time you open the file, the pictures and story will still be there, but the program will be gone. Then your body will not respond in a negative way, so you will have emotional freedom. Once you learn how to deal with your nightmares in this way, you can address your symptoms in your physical body in the same fashion, since it is all a waking dream anyway.”

If you want to learn more directly from Larry, come to the lecture and bring a friend!

More About Larry

Larry Burk, MD and a Certified Energy Health Practitioner (CEHP), started his career with medical school and radiology residency training at the University of Pittsburgh. Over time, he gravitated toward holistic medicine and parapsychology. He was co-founder of Duke Integrative Medicine in 1998 and has served as board president of the Rhine Research Center in Durham. Larry is still a consulting associate in radiology at Duke Medical Center, but also the president of Healing Imager, PC, and a dream tapping coach online and at Oriental Health Solutions, LLC in Durham. He also offers residential workshops on medical intuition and healing dreams at The Monroe Institute in Faber, VA.

Larry is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and co-facilitates the monthly Dream Group at the Rhine Center. He is certified to use EFT on the shadow issues of the lower four chakras. Larry  trained in acupuncture and hypnosis, and he became a certified energy health practitioner in 2010. His background as an acupuncture practitioner and musculoskeletal radiologist gives him a unique perspective as a coach, although he no longer practices acupuncture and his part-time radiology practice is separate and distinct from his coaching program.

His book “Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist” was published in 2012. His recent book “Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases” was published in April 2018.

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