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Lee Lawrence ~ Awakening & Enlightenment: Understanding Your Spiritual Journey ~ Feb 2, 2012


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Lee Lawrence

Awakening & Enlightenment: Understanding Your Spiritual Journey

Feb 2, 2012

Our consciousness patterns, perceptions, and behaviors can all change on our road to awakening and enlightenment. A spiritual GPS to guide our travels would be a welcome aid on this journey, don’t you think?

In this talk, Lee Lawrence will outline the stages of spiritual development and the transition phases we can expect to encounter during the process of awakening to enlightenment, giving us a kind of “spiritual growth roadmap” that we can use as a guidance tool in the journey along our chosen spiritual paths. He’ll describe the attributes of each stage of spiritual growth, including where diversions or obstacles—such as depression or self-sabotage—might arise to block our path to enlightenment.

There are certain universal truths to be found in all spiritual paths toward enlightenment, Lee says. He’ll compare insights in the teachings of Jesus and the Christian mystics, the Buddha, Vedic traditions, Sufi practices, and Jewish Kabbalah mysticism, explaining why these various religions teach what they do, and how it is based on the “science of the soul”—Lee’s term for the idea that spirituality is both logical and scientific, and that miracles are merely science that most do not yet understand.

An experienced and enthusiastic presenter, Lee combines his intuitive gifts with knowledge from studying religion, psychology, and neuroscience to bridge the gap between science and spirituality to help us understand ourselves to a degree we never imagined possible. He is on the board of directors of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc. (ASPSI), and spoke at its conference in 2010; he is an internationally known medical and psychological intuitive, and offers private soul readings to clients who have attended his workshops. He was interviewed for the 2011 DVD Kundalini , a documentary film featuring this ancient knowledge and people who have unlocked its energetic force. He lives with his wife in Chapel Hill. Learn more about Lee and his work at

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