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Lee Lawrence ~ Understanding Relationships and the Chemistry of Attraction ~ October 5, 2013


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Lee Lawrence

Understanding Relationships and the Chemistry of Attraction

October 5, 2013

Audio Preview:

Life is about finding and removing the obstacles to the love that exists within us.

In this workshop, Lee Lawrence offers insights based on hundreds of individual research sessions he has conducted, reading the soul patterns and identifying the perception programming events that established the relationship attraction chemistry in people’s lives.

This is not a typical relationship workshop. It may be especially helpful for people who are afraid to love because of past painful experiences, and is taught without judgment.

In this program you will learn:

• The first and second Laws of Attraction and how they create the “chemistry” feeling everyone searches for in a relationship
• Why people tend to be attracted toward the same type of partner and end up repeating patterns
• The obstacles to intimacy and why our projections on our partners are often more important than the reality
• How to use the difficult emotional experiences in current and past relationships to heal, rather than repeating them
• That you will never find happiness in your partner; that you can find happiness only in yourself, which you can share with your partner if you desire real happiness
• That it is far better to remain single until you grow to be the individual you choose to be, before committing to a long term relationship and then possibly growing apart
• How the ideal relationship consists of two individuals, sharing a common journey through life, growing together but maintaining individual identities, doing things for each other out of love and compassion rather than out of fear of retribution or abandonment.

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