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New Cycles for Self-Discovery and a Rebirthing World ~ Predictions for 2008 ~ Bernie Ashman ~ Thursday, January 3, 2008


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New Cycles for Self-Discovery and a Rebirthing World ~ Predictions for 2008

Bernie Ashman

January 3, 2008

Given what’s in store, 2008 could easily become your year of empowerment. It’s a year filled with astrological cycles that support soul growth and that offer magicalways to explore inner worlds. You will surely enjoy thescenery as you journey forward into this magnificent year on the horizon.

Our January program with popular Durham astrologer Bernie Ashman will focus on the key astrological cycles in 2008, which reveal new trends that are fast approaching us. He’ll show us how these cycles can be used for new opportunities to develop creative power; tell us when these waves of new hope will reach their greatest heights; and help us get ready to ride them forward with renewed energy.

Bernie will interpret the energy running through each month of the year to give us a general sense of the pulse of the month—how each can promise great energy for career, travel, creativity, reflection, love, and spiritual growth. Some cycles overlap and join “at the hip,” fusing the energies of these months together. These sewn-together time periods offer the building blocks to make desired changes in our lives.

As Bernie sees it, the creative forces will surprise all of us in ways we never dreamed possible. There are solid cycles to work under for testing the waters of changing our outer world. The world is about to transform whether we like it or not—and change rarely comes without a little anxiety and stress. But if we stay centered and have a little faith in the forces at work, there are endless possibilities to flourish under the reign of the 2008 skies.

In 1973, after he found (or was found by!) the book The Astrology of Personality by Dane Rudyhar in an Atlanta bookstore, Bernie knew that astrology was his calling, and he began studying diligently. By 1976 he had begun building what became a large and faithful practice, consulting face-to-face or by telephone. He now has clients from all over the world, and has widened his scope to include writing, lecturing, teaching, and mentoring.

He has published several popular astrology books including Astrological Games People Play, RoadMap
to your Future
, and SignMates; and he has written the interpretive text for several astrological software programs such as Simpaticos and Past Life Chart, both in collaboration with Matrix Software. In late 2001, Llewellyn published Civilization Under Attack, which includes a chapter by Bernie, “Psychology of Terrorism.”

“I really love and appreciate my clients,” Bernie says. “I like tuning in to the realities people are living and being a catalyst for their growth and inspiration.” If we make use of our intuition and are patient with the challenges before us, 2008 can be a year through which we plant new seeds that will sustain us for many years to come.

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