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Rose Mary Boito ~ RELATIONSHIPS: A Rose-colored Look ~ June 5, 1997


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Rose Mary Boito

RELATIONSHIPS: A Rose-colored Look

June 5, 1997

Rose Mary Boito was an expert in relationships and how to get along with people. She studied all the self-help books and got plenty of practice with her husband, kids and the 20 employees she supervised in the family business. But despite all her knowhow and knowledge, she couldn’t make it work-and everything began falling apart, including the marriage.

Then at the urging of a friend, she did something that turned her life around, both personally and professionally-and, she says, can turn yours around, too. She went to her local professional Kinesiologist for a ” Kinesthetic Repatterning.” “It was an amazing experience,” she said. “I had spent my whole life in a left-brained world. Then, I started working through my right brain. I found love for myself, and I could send love.”

Now, she feels the title ” Relationship Expert” really applies. “It’s easy’, now,” she says. “It wasn’t easy before.” In fact Rose Mary was so enchanted with the deep transformation that had taken place in her from her visits to the Kinesiologist that she worked to become a professional Kinesiologist herself and presently has a practice in Altoona, Pennsylvania. After working with Margaret Kean, she became a Results instructor and presently serves as Vice President of the Association of Specialized Kinesiologists.

“Self empowerment, say something about self empowerment ” she said. “I can’t say enough about the importance of self empowennent for people. I’ve come to the conclusion that everything, boiled down, comes down to letting go. As long as you’re into holding-on, you can’t have anything.” And if we learn anything from Rose Mary, it will be how to truly have something in our lives.



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