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Sherrie Dillard ~ Psychic Detective: How You Can Help Solve Crimes with Your Intuitive Ability~ February 4, 2010


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Sherrie Dillard

Psychic Detective: How You Can Help Solve Crimes with Your Intuitive Ability

February 4, 2010

Intuition is an innate sense that we all possess, each with our own strengths and weaknesses. We can become psychic by focusing on this inherent sense to develop and sharpen it with
awareness and practice.

“Our intuition,” says Sherrie Dillard, “when developed, blossoms into extrasensory or psychic perception, revealing to us a rich vast inner reservoir of possibilities and potential.” Through this “inner resource of knowing, seeing, and being,” we may gain access to the entire world by “turning within,” she says.

In the first half of this double header, Sherrie will describe the psychic or intuitive “types”—mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual—and, using an exercise similar to the one published in her book, we’ll discover our own types. (Bring paper and a writing instrument for the exercise.) Knowing our intuitive type isn’t essential for developing psychic skills, Sherrie says, but using awareness of how this energy flows through us can lead to greater levels of extrasensory perception. Developing these abilities helps us grow and experience our connection to all of life and fully embrace our greatest potential.

In the second half of the presentation, we’ll have a chance to exercise our intuitive muscles. When we focus our intuition in our own lives, Sherrie says, we may have mediocre results; but when we use it to help others, it blossoms. She’ll describe a current missing person case that we’ll work on as an example of what we can accomplish when we know our intuitive type.

Sherrie has seen angels, animal spirits, and ethereal visitors, and has had precognitive dreams, since she was a child. Growing up in a conventionally religious household, however, she kept her psychic experiences to herself, and even tried to deny them. That began to change when, at 19, she was persuaded by the spirit of a recently deceased mother to give a message to her bereaved son. It was the first time she considered that her psychic ability could be beneficial.

A professional psychic, medium, counselor, and teacher for over 25 years, Sherrie Dillard, M. Div., serves an international clientele from her practice in Durham and has been a frequent participant in SFF’s annual Psychic & Healing Fairs. She is dedicated to her own intuitive-psychic and spiritual journey and believes that intuitive development is a spiritual refinement process that manifests in one’s life as joy, connectedness to all of life, and an inner conscious communion with the divine.

Sherrie has been featured on television for her work as a psychic detective and medium and is a frequent radio guest. In 2005 she worked with Raleigh police detectives to solve the high-profile May 2002 murder of Stephanie Bennett ; two weeks after she identified a suspect, an arrest was made when his DNA confirmed him as the killer. See the WRAL story & video about this at these links here.

Her 2008 book, Discover Your Psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition, describes the four basic intuitive types and includes an extensive quiz to discover your own — similar to the exercise she will do with us in her program. A new book to be released in June 2010, Intuition and Love: A Psychic’s Guide to Creating Lasting Love, takes the four intuitive types into the arena of love and relationships; it’s available now for pre-order.

To learn more about Sherrie and her work, go to And be sure tojoin us for what promises to be a most unusual, lively presentation!

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