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Steven Forrest ~ Neptune enters Aquarius: The Electric Dream ~ January 8, 1998


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Steven Forrest

Neptune enters Aquarius: The Electric Dream

January 8, 1998

Steven Forrest, one of the world’s forermost astrologers, will he here Jan. 8 to belp us get a grip on a new yeor
where myth meets science.

Our Jan. 8 speaker doesn’ t really need much of an introduction. Anyone who knows anything about astrology has heard of Steven Forrest, generally considered among the best astrologers of our time.

His books are treated as texts, and even the world’s most important people have to endure waits of up to a year or two for a reading. But, WE won’t have to wait that long to get the scoop as the planet Neptune moves into the sign Aquarius. “Neptune is our dream of the world” Steven-says. “What happens when it steps into the brilliant, wild light of the Sign of the Revolutionary? What happens when mist meets lightning? Or Myth meets Science? We’ve all got excellent seats for the show, which begins in January’98 and runs until 2012.’

Join Steven for an evening’s advance preview of this rather psychedelic combination of astrological energies. We’ll look at historyfor whatever clues it offers. We’ll put the symbols themselves under the microscope. And, we’ll take a penetrating look at that ultimate mystery: the present moment. Steven, a good Capricorn with a degree in Religion from UNC, still lives in Chapel Hill. His fifth book’ The Book of Pluto, was released recently and is sure to join his list of best-sellers, which started in 1984 with the bestselling The Inner Sky.

Please note that the recording for this event is incomplete and is offered at a greatly reduced price.

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