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Steven Rogat – Thought Body Mapping: Learn to Heal Your Thoughts, Emotions and Body



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Please note: This event was re-scheduled from Feb. 6 due to very bad weather. If you pre-purchased tickets they will be good for the re-scheduled event but if you can not come on Feb. 13, please contact chairperson@spiritual-frontiers.com for a refund.

Have you ever stopped to think how your body is an energetic manifestation of your entire life, including your thoughts, feelings, actions and experiences?

In this enlightening talk, Steven Rogat will explain “thought body mapping,” a powerful tool that reveals how all life experiences are stored in the body and how we can heal our lives using the connection between physical experiences and our thoughts and emotions. He will also demonstrate the process with a couple of healing exercises.

“By observing a person’s physical symptoms, we can discover patterns in personality, challenges they may be attracting in their life, and how they may be reacting to different situations,” says Steven, a licensed professional counselor, clairvoyant, medical/emotional intuitive and Shamanic healer with more than 40 years of experience in metaphysical and traditional approaches to healing.

Steven, co-founder of the Creative Thought Center in Pittsboro with his wife, Marcia, will explain how specific stressors, such as limiting thoughts and feelings, may reveal themselves in specific parts of the body and reflect “dis-ease” that can manifest physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He will explain how are these limitations can cause or exacerbate specific symptoms in different parts of the body as well as how these limitations may be expressed in one’s surroundings and daily life.

“Everything gets worse with stress and better without it,” Steven adds. “Using our intuitive gifts, we can see, hear, feel and know our limitations for what they truly are: lessons we are currently learning. We are on our path, but perhaps we can learn our lessons more easily, lovingly and quickly. So why not do it with love, light, and fun?”

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