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Suzi Leonard ~ Labor & Birth of a New Earth ~ December 4, 2008


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Suzi Leonard

Labor & Birth of a New Earth

December 4, 2008

Audio Preview:

When a child is born, the miracle of birth begins with the onset of labor. Mother Earth is now literally in labor, about to give birth to a new Earth, a new cycle of evolution—a New Age. As we move through the next several years, this metaphor of the labor-birth process will be key to understanding, navigating, and embracing the unprecedented times into which we are swiftly moving.

Join us as Suzi Leonard describes the challenges we face as 2012 approaches. A true understanding of the current process of Mother Earth’s labor is necessary, she says, if we are to receive and
benefit from the interwoven opportunities for humankind to re-invent our individual and collective realities. The high vibrational light fields that are entering the Earth at an accelerated rate challenge us to understand what is happening and to enable us to re-create and re-pattern our lives accordingly. When we are able to attune to these new frequencies, we find our connection to higher levels of consciousness. In doing so, we can navigate life with balance and harmony and consciously bring forth the perceptual shifts needed for the birth of our new realities.

Clairvoyant since birth, Suzi has had to navigate the worlds of energy and form simultaneously for over 58 years. She uses her gifts and wisdom to bring forth transformative concepts, understanding, and solutions that initiate shifts in consciousness previously unattainable.

Earlier in this life, Suzi was successful in the world of form, working as a paralegal in private law firms, an Attorney General’s office, and a major international corporation; as a legal advisor; and as a legal and technical writer. This work offered a great variety of experiences in physical reality, but gave her little opportunity to use her spiritual gifts, and eventually she was led to work full time as a visionary, healer, facilitator, and teacher. For over 20 years, she has been a bridge between the worlds of energy and form, able to facilitate healing and life-altering awakenings for others, in all walks of life, and in a variety of arenas; she also teaches a variety of energetics-based workshops.

Suzi has taught and lectured to audiences nationally and internationally. Her teachings are a sojourn into higher states of awareness, unlocking and awakening a heightened ability to heal self and others. She is a healing channel for the multi-dimensional information continually being transmitted to guide humankind through this this time of evolutionary transformation and awakening. “No matter where our life path takes us,” she says, “we are always negotiating the
world of energy and the world of form … It is when we are consciously introduced to the energetics of life that we can truly become whole, and see any situation or circumstance from both vantage points: the energetic and the physical.”

Suzi will donate a piece of “Earth Goddess Jewelry” created from all natural gemstones and sterling silver, energized with prayer, light and blessings for its recipient, as our Angel Door Prize. For more information about Suzi’s program with us or her work with clients, contact her at suzileonard@verizon.net.


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