Talk to Your Loved Ones in Spirit ~ Elly Walker ~ December 4, 2014


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Elly Walker

Talk to Your Loved Ones in Spirit

December 4, 2014

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Elly Walker is a gifted professional psychic and medium who has been giving readings on both sides of the Atlantic for over thirty years. This December at the SFF, we will enjoy a rare opportunity to receive messages from Spirit with Elly’s expert assistance as our eyes and ears into the afterlife. What’s more, Elly’s extensive experience with contacting departed loved ones and spirit guides will enable her to help us understand and make good use of the messages that we receive. Education and empowerment are important to her as well, since she is also an intuitive counselor and ordained minister. As Elly says, “Even though I can tell you what I see and hear from Spirit, always remember freedom of choice is yours to decide!”

Elly’s own journey began when both her parents passed by the time she was just five years old. She had been born in Texas to an English mother and an American father, and losing them so young made her curious as to where we go after death. Elly was moved as a child to England where she began to feel and sense the unseen world of Spirit around her. This ability grew steadily until her father came back to her as a spirit guide at the age of fifteen.

With the help of her father and other spirit teachers, Elly developed her skills of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. She learned about the many spirits who wish to communicate with people from the other side, to help and guide us with our everyday life, or just to comfort us and let us know that our remembered loved ones are always still around, loving us in return.

As an adult, Elly’s keen interest and talents with the spiritual world led her to give countless readings for individuals, as well as to investigate many paranormal phenomena. She enjoys counseling people in developing their own appreciations and senses for the ways of Spirit. This includes holding the curiosity and caring that can open us to spiritually explain the unexplained and expect the unexpected, as she has learned to do. Elly knows from great experience that every situation is unique and every heart is important.

Elly Walker will expertly engage with the audience and connect with our loved ones that have passed on, to give messages of love, compassion, and humor.

You can find out more about Elly by going to her website, www.ellywalkerpsychic.com

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