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The Shroud of Turin: A Close Look ~ Dr. Alan Whanger ~ February 3, 1994


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The Shroud of Turin: A Close Look

Dr. Alan Whanger

February 3, 1994

Religion is something that is based on faith. There is little, by way of tangible evidence, that can be offered to ‘prove’ the truth of religious doctrine. The importance of the Shroud of Turin is that, if it can be authenticated, it may provide just such tangible evidence of the truth of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The Shroud of Turin, for those unfamiliar with it, is a relic, now owned by the Holy See. It is a funeral shroud that contains the 3D front and back negative image of a badly beaten and crucified man. It is believed by many that it is the funeral shroud of the Christ and that the image was imposed upon it through a process dubbed “Flash Photolysis” at the moment of the Christ’s resurrection.  One thing is certain, the image on the shroud is accurate and detailed beyond the capability (or knowledge) of any artist. The image is the result of a molecular change in the linen fabric that can not, to this day, be duplicated.

Dr. Alan Whanger, recently retired from Duke University Medical Center, will discuss and show us the shroud from his unique perspective on Thursday, February 3 at 7:30. Together with his wife Mary, they developed an innovative analysis method called the “polarized image overlay technique” that reveals incredibly small details and allows the comparison of two objects for “points of congruence”.  This is a technique similar to that used in comparing sets of fingerprints, where 25 points of congruence are accepted as the criteria necessary to establish a match.  At the lecture, Dr. Whanger will demonstrate this technique so we all can see evidence that helps to authenticate the shroud.

Using polarized image overlays, Dr. Whanger has achieved world renown by demonstrating the incredible similarity between images on the shroud and known objects dating from the time of Christ or later. We are very happy to have Dr. Whanger as our February speaker and know that you will be enthralled by his presentation. This is a very rare opportunity to hear directly from one of the most eminent shroud scholars and an occasion not to be missed.

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