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Vincent Bridges ~ Archetype and Shadow in the Late 20th Century ~ Mar. 6, 1997


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Vincent Bridges

Archetype and Shadow in the Late 20th Century

Mar. 6, 1997

What is the allure of the X-files? ls there a deeper message behind Batman? What is the fascination of film noir and horror literature? What does their popularity tell us about our collective selves? Vincent Bridges makes some fascinating correlations as he traces the evolution of the dark-hero archetype at our March 6 meeting. The territory of the shadow is difficult and terrifying. lt’s a large area left mostly unexplored by the conscious mind. But it has a powerful
reqlity and life of its own. We all want safe passage through the unfamiliar. Artists and shamans, who have been able to tap into the shadow’s domain, can take others on a dark inward journey. The stories they tell help people grasp some meaning from the symbol-rich landscape of the inexplicable.

ln the late 20th century, this shadow realm has become everyday reality. Gotham City is now Everytown, and the only shaman left work in television or comic books. However, when the truth which exists in the twilight of this reality crystallizes around an artist’s vision, powerful things can happen. As the millennium rushes up to greet us, we find we are moving through dark territory indeed. ls there a deeper meaning behind such television shows as the Twilight Zone, the X-files or Millennium?

Find out as Vincent explores this fascinating subject. Vincent Bridges is an historian with a knack for remembering little-known facts. He can be a walking encyclopedia of juicy historical tid-bits and obscure trivia. Vincent uses his diverse knowledge (literature, science fiction, astronomy, psychology, physics, mathematics, sacred geometry, geomancy, esoteric traditions etc…) to weave a dazzling intellectualtapestry. By interpreting the facts which do not
fall into the generally-accepted officia lversion of “history,” Vincent has discovered emerging patterns which shed lighi upon the politics of spiritual evolution.

Basically a skeptic, Vincent is grounded in the mundane world of provable facts and practical solutions. His workshops include practical exercises.



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