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Alice Hough – The Shamanic Medicine Wheel: A Sacred Path of Transformation and Healing

March 5, 2020
7:15 pm EST
- 9:30 pm EST


Have you ever wondered what a medicine wheel is and how it is used? Or what someone means when they talk about a shamanic path?

Our March speaker, Alice Hough, is a western medicine woman, initiated by the Q’ero shamans of Peru into their ancient lineage. She will answer those questions and explain how working through the shamanic medicine wheel can become a powerful path of transformation and healing.

Alice describes the medicine wheel as a metaphor for the eternal cycles of life – the cycles of death and rebirth that allow you to let go of your old stories so you can create your present and future from your heart.

“It is not about training,” she says. “It’s about reconnecting with the sacred path of your soul, doing your inner work, and then using your unique gifts and talents to be of service to the world.”

Alice, who is enthusiastic about how this ancient spiritual practice has brought freedom, wholeness, personal power and fulfillment into her own life, will also share insights from her extensive studies with the Q’ero shamans.

The Q’ero have a saying that when we die our bodies go to the earth, our spirits go to the stars, and our knowledge and wisdom go to the tops of the mountains. “The shamanic path connects you to an ancient lineage that offers you ways to reach back and access knowledge and wisdom held by all the people before you,” Alice notes. “It connects you in sacred relationship with the earth, the mother of all beings who dwell on this planet.”

More about Alice

In addition to four years of intensive study with the Four Winds Society’s Light Body School beginning in 2009, Alice has studied directly with Q’ero elders Don Francisco Chura Flores, Dona Juana Apaza Ccapa, and Don Mariano Quispe Flores, as well as with Peruvian shamans Dona Ysabel and Dona Olinda (The Twins), and Peruvian paqo (or shaman) Don Alberto Fernando Santa Cruz.

One of the things that attracted Alice to the Q’ero tradition specifically is the fact that men and women are welcomed equally as practitioners. She loves that the Q’ero are so open and full of childlike wonder, lovingly sharing their teachings with anyone who comes with an open heart.

Alice’s passion is passing on the wisdom and knowledge that have been so generously shared with her. She does this through her shamanic mentoring programs in which she teaches the medicine wheel and shamanic healing techniques. She also offers private sessions for healing and growth, assisting her clients in “shedding their old skin” so they can see the world through new eyes.

Based in Raleigh, Alice will begin a yearlong Shamanic mentoring program on the medicine wheel, starting March 20-22. The program will include four three-day intensive weekend programs.


Angel Door Prizes – FREE

  • Two watanas, which are handmade beaded ties from Peru that can be used to wrap a mesa (medicine bundle) or to wear as a bracelet or a hair tie. (Value $12 each)
  • Two sound healing CDs by Garth Robertson (Value $20 each)

Raffle Prize – $5

  • A Shamanic energy medicine session by Alice Hough. (Value $165)

FREE Early Meditation
“Sacred Sound Healing” by Garth Robertson

Arrive Early – There is no admittance after 6:30 pm once the meditation begins.

Location: The meditation will be held on the first floor in the Fellowship Hall, where the refreshments are served during the break. Once you enter the front door, there will be a sign to direct you.

Because our bodies are in a constant state of vibration, sound frequencies can be used as a transformative healing modality. When we are healthy, the body projects an overall harmonic of health. However, if this harmony becomes disrupted, external frequencies along with intention can support and return both the body and spirit to optimal health.

Join Garth Robertson in this healing meditation in which he produces ancient sounds from around the globe using various instruments, including Tibetan bowls, quartz bowls, gong and chimes.

Garth has been making music and using sound as a modality for self-healing for over 20 years. Along the way, he received the message that sound can be used for physical, mental and spiritual healing. A meditative trip to Peru solidified his decision of stepping onto this path. During this time, he was able to observe and learn from the healing work of a strong linage of sacred sound shamans. He has traveled extensively to bring his music and healing sounds to others. His local practice is in Pittsboro.

70 Woollyworm Drive
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Artesian Spring Water from Tom Hildebrand 

Each month we serve delicious artesian spring water from Tom Hildebrand, which comes from his home near Siler City, close to the geographical center of North Carolina. This is wonderful water, and you can find details on how to purchase this water at HappyHillSpringWater.com




Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the spiritual, mystical, and metaphysical awareness and consciousness of our community by sponsoring programs that facilitate personal growth and development and a holistic approach to health and living. We are not affiliated with any religious organization.


March 5, 2020
7:15 pm EST - 9:30 pm EST
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Unity of the Triangle
5570 Munford Road
Raleigh, NC 27612 United States
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