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Lyneah Marks—The Stargate: A Way to Higher Consciousness

November 4, 2021
7:00 pm EDT
- 9:30 pm EDT

Join us for a fascinating presentation on “The Stargate,” a physical and etheric sacred geometry form designed to help people access higher levels of consciousness. Leading us will be Lyneah Marks, a former resident of the Triangle for 28 years currently residing in Mount Shasta, California.


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Lyneah is a certified Stargate facilitator, soul integration therapist and owner of  Body, Soul & Angels, which has been in business since 1996. She has been a natural intuitive and spiritual healer since childhood and began offering conscious energetic healing after a near-death experience in 1976. Lyneah offers teleseminars on earth healing, chakra clearings, and energy work and facilitates weekly Stargate meditations for personal well being/ascension and to support humanity.

She will introduce various concepts including the Stargate collective field, explain how the Stargate can help us heal and raise our own consciousness, lead us in a Stargate meditative experience and answer any questions we may have.

“The Stargate is here to support you in your personal evolution,” says Lyneah. “It can help you identify root causes of difficulties in your life and, through the vibrations of awareness and love, dissolve the causes that are blocking you. The Stargate can also assist you in sensing subtle energies, such as those of your guides, enabling you to better communicate with them.”

Please Note: Lyneah will offer private two-hour online sessions with 20 percent of the proceeds benefiting SFF. Your investment will be $180 (a discount from the usual $200). Private sessions will be based on individual needs. Before your session, you will be asked to spend some time formulating your intention for the session. If you do not have anything specific, you can ask for what Divine Source has for you or for whatever is for your highest good. Each session will take place in the setting of the Stargate meditation and be directed by your intention. Sessions can assist with clearings of energies that no longer serve you, past life reviews/clearings, higher levels of understanding of circumstances and situations, energy healing, frequencies to support your process of ascension, and/or a nutritional consult. Please visit this page to sign up.  You may sign up for more than one session.

On November 4, expect to learn:

  • What the Stargate physical sacred geometry looks like
  • The history of the Stargate since the 1990’s
  • Who originated the Stargate
  • Who leads Stargate meditations, intensives and trainings
  • What an etheric Stargate is and how to use it
  • Lyneah’s story of coming to the Stargate
  • Where the Stargate home is
  • Plans for the 20-acre Stargate property
  • How you can access Stargate functions for personal growth

After explaining The Stargate, Lyneah and channeled guides (including Bionetta of the Galactic Council) will lead participants in a deep meditation with the etheric Stargate. The experience can help elevate your vibration to the angelic realm of the 12th dimension, and will evolve based on the people participating in the meditation.

More about Lyneah

Lyneah is passionate about health, healing and happiness and strives to help clients achieve all three. In addition to being a natural intuitive, she has taken many trainings and combines them to provide customized client sessions.

Lyneah has been given many healing techniques intuitively, and she teaches them in her classes. She has a BS in psychology and German and an MA in science education. She was a hospice volunteer for eight years. She is a certified food-healing health educator and a LMBT (licensed massage and bodywork therapist NC #647). She performs house clearings and ceremonies.

Lyneah is the author of Thirsting for Joy and Thirsting for a Raindrop, both available on Amazon. She also is an initiated stone keeper and used to be the owner of The Sacred Stone Center.

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November 4, 2021
7:00 pm EDT - 9:30 pm EDT


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