Messages from Michael
Column Two
Archangel Michael channeled through Diana Henderson

This series of columns offers channeled guidance from Archangel Michael on a number of issues. Readers are invited to submit topics on which they seek greater understanding. Questions need to have a universal appeal rather than being personally directed. Diana will channel wisdom from Archangel Michael in answer to inquiries and include in this column.
Question: In honor of Valentine's week, we ask for a love letter from Spirit. What can you tell us about the nature of Love?

Channeled Answer - February 18, 2005

I am Michael, Archangel of the Light of God, in oneness with my counterpart known as Faith. And you call upon us to speak on the subject of Love. Let us say first, therefore, that you are greatly loved, that all the children of Earth, all those who have come here as expressions of Divine Light to give the gift of knowledge to the Universe, to expand the awareness within the Oneness of God, you are loved beyond expression, and we honor you for all that you are in your service in this realm.

In this dimension, there are many forms of love: the love between parent and child, the love for your kindred, the love for your mate or dearest friend, the love for self, the love of the Earth and all life upon it, the love for God within and without. All these forms of love are encompassed within the Oneness that is the essence of Divine Love. Yet, what may be known of love within this level of existence is but an iota of the Love that is the nature of the Oneness of Spirit. If you but knew that Love at its core. We joyfully offer you of it as much as you may access in this dimension. We of the Light in oneness with you are always willing to provide as much Love as you may embrace to support your growth, your manifestation, your path, your life and your being here in this realm.

We invite you to call upon us and to seek and embody the experience of being loved and of allowing Love to bring forth the fruits of your destiny and of your truest desires, those in harmony with the highest good of all. The greatest love that anyone may know is the Love of God, the Love that connects you, that connects all of us, in oneness to the Divine. And the more you open to this love in your life, the greater the joy and harmony you will find in every aspect of your life.

Yet, there is a process that occurs in coming here into this realm, into this existence, a process of forgetting and then one of remembering. The forgetting begins at the moment of birth as you enter the world of form often amidst feelings of pain or lack. As these feelings are experienced for the first time, a sensation of separateness arises, a mindset that leads to the process of forgetting, forgetting over time through life events, that you are part of that Oneness. You come to believe that you are separate from the infinite Light that is God.

You choose to go through this experience so that you may know the immense joy that comes when you return to the Light and renew your understanding of Oneness. For most of those in form that experience has occurred only after what is known upon this Earth as death (although in essence and in truth no such state exists). But we invite you, indeed, we call upon you with all the Love and Light that is in the Great Oneness, to open now to knowing that love, that level of truth that your soul already understands, while in the physical. Your soul, you see, your spiritual essence, never forgets. Only the mind, the emotions, the physical self that manifests here, forget the Oneness for a time. But we ask you now to remember that Oneness, to embrace it, to allow Light to flow through you, for in doing so you may bring a level of Love into this Earth plane that has been long forgotten, and that can be the very spark of Enlightenment for all.

Along this journey of remembering, you must come to a place of knowing within yourself and make the decision to choose the path of Oneness. And along this path you will walk through a doorway in which you first see that in order to love all you must love and accept that which you are and embrace the divinity of your nature. God creates no flaws. God creates only perfection, only beauty, and God expands and grows as you expand and grow, for you are a part of God as surely as every other being and as certainly as every other particle in existence. And those on the Earth plane are being invited with waves of energy and love and healing light to walk back into that knowledge, back into that place of understanding, and to achieve this while you are still in form. Rather than to wait for the time when you pass from your body into Light, we ask you to embrace that Love here in the realm of form.

So first open to the Love of yourself, to love you as God loves you, for in each moment you are in oneness with God, and each moment you have the potential to recognize the true expression of your being and your light. In making this step of self-love in oneness with the Divine, you open to the complete flow of Spirit and allow the flood of love from the Divine to pass through you to all.

You are on the way back; you are advancing on this golden path of Light, finding your way home little by little. And each of the things you have thought of as setbacks were in truth merely excursions of exploration into your uniqueness. In each experience you are learning and growing, and, therefore, the knowledge of the Universe is enhanced.

It is time now to be as clear as you can, to find it within yourself to accept who and what you are in its totality and to embrace your own Light, for nothing that you are is other than Light. The parts of yourself, the aspects that you have thought of as out of balance, as shadow, these are merely means of growing into your truth. For without knowing imbalance, how would you experience the perfect peace and joy that comes with balance? Without having known your separateness, having experienced what it is like to believe yourself as something other than in oneness, how could you grasp the greatest gift that may ever be bestowed upon any being--the joy of returning to the Light and realizing that you were always a part of it?

So you ask us about the nature of Love. It is not some small contrivance. It is much greater than even the deepest level of love you have felt--whether that be for your child or parent, your life companion or even your love for the Light of God. The level of love you walk toward encompasses ultimate peace, harmony and joy. So breathe it in. In as much as your being may open to that love, allow it to enfold you, breathing it in just as you take in the air, and let it be a part of you as you begin to acknowledge that you are in truth a part of that Oneness. And walking the path of enlightenment, you proceed onward to the goal of complete Love.

We love you every step of the way. We ask you only to love yourselves and each other as much as you can in each moment and to remember that you are loved. You were never forsaken, never abandoned. You have ever been and shall ever be in oneness with us within the Light of Divinity. The more you recognize this, the more love shall become evident in your life and shall flow from you into this world to awaken others to that truth and assist all through the gateway of Love. Be blessed, beautiful humans, beautiful spirits, beautiful expressions of Divine Love and Light.

We are the Council of Light. I am Michael, and we are with you.

copyright 2005 L. Diana Henderson

Diana Henderson is an Intuitive/Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master Teacher and Energetic Therapist. She offers clear, inspiring guidance aligned with your Higher Self as well as classes and sessions that empower you to heal and energize your unique Destiny. Contact Diana if you ready to embrace the adventure of living fully as a Light Being in human form, to discover the True Self and to follow your Soul Path! Her practice in Raleigh and Wake County includes multiple alternative modalities--sowing the seeds of Light in many forms-to quicken our journey and illuminate the pathway ahead.

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