The Intuitive Is In: Column 2: February - March, 2005

Diana Henderson
copyright 2004 L. Diana Henderson

This bi-monthly column will explore the energies available to us--spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically--over a 60-day period. I will use various intuitive tools--runes, tarot, angel and faery cards, goddess and animal cards to name a few--and offer brief channelings from time to time as well. This month I was led to use two tools as sources for opening to guidance, Doreen Virtue's Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards and the Animal Cards.

A Return of the Light
After a time of great darkness and pain, a time when so many have suffered, the Light begins to re-emerge. The upcoming period will be one in which we are called upon to trust the Divine and our inner guidance as new opportunities unfold for manifesting the life of our dearest dreams.

Trust Your Intuition: Are you ready to embrace your destiny, to welcome the flow of love and abundance in your life? The simplest way to do this is to honor the wisdom provided daily by our Higher Self, speaking to us through our intuition. Unfortunately, we often fail to heed that inner voice or intuitive sense because our minds are clouded by the worries and concerns of our earthly existence or by the detritus that dims our higher perception of the world.

I am reminded that Archangel Michael's message for the new year concerned the importance of cleansing and clearing, which does wonders to achieve inner clarity. So I would be remiss if I didn't recommend that type of work here. Clearing work provides great assistance in removing the blockages and debris that inhibit our access to inner guidance.

The easiest way to break through the mind chatter that obscures our inner sight, hearing or intuitive sense is to meditate. Meditation not only stills the thoughts so that our intuition can get through, it also sends a signal to our Higher Self that we're in listening mode. [Just a reminder that SFF offers an early meditation from 6:30 to 7 before each of our meetings on the first Thursday of the month.]

Yet, even when we get the message that our intuitive self seeks to provide, we still have to make the choice to act upon that wisdom. That's precisely what the Universe is asking us to do now. Pay attention to those hunches and gut reactions, to what your body is telling you (physical sensations often speak volumes), to synchronicities. Be aware. Meditation can help with this as well since it puts us in a place of heightened perception. Be open and receptive to what the Universe shows you each day. Set your intention in the morning though prayer, meditation or affirmation that you will recognize and be guided by your intuition today. And then trust. Trust that your intuition will steer you in the right direction, to the people or events that will further your pathwork and create a flow of abundance and love in your life.

With trust comes the responsibility to act. Action reinforces and strengthens our intuition. Each time we act on intuitive wisdom, we say to the Universe, "I'm ready." Are you willing to receive the gifts Spirit wishes to send to you? Intuit, trust, act. That's the formula for the greatest blessings we can receive at this time.

New Opportunities and Dreams Coming True: The two cards that followed Trust Your Intuition promise us what dreams may come once we do indeed follow that intuitive guidance!

Have you been waiting for the opportunity to manifest? Well, this would be the time! If you are following your intuitive wisdom, acting upon the guidance of your Higher Self, you will see the opportunity that's coming to you. Realize it could be a big one. The very thing you've sought or dreamed of for months or years, perhaps for a lifetime, is coming into view and into reach. Are you willing to open to the energy and flow into manifesting your vision for the future? If so, you will be given a great deal of help in making that happen. The angels, the nature spirits, all the Light of the unseen worlds, stand with us now as we take the plunge and build our dreams.

This is not a time for timidity and shyness, for shrinking from the unknown. It's not a time to stand weakly waiting on the sidelines and expect Spirit to do all the work. It is a time to take action, to renew ourselves, to wake up! After the period of waiting when disruption and darkness ruled our lives, we are coming into a season of opportunity and growth. But if we fail to listen or act upon our intuitive wisdom, we may well miss the moment. So, again, pay attention. Be aware. Be unafraid. Go for the golden path!

Positive Expectations: If the first three cards weren't great enough, we get another reminder of the power of our spirits! Keep a positive mindset while expecting beneficial outcomes.

Have you been working for a long time to manifest something wonderful in your life? Have you nurtured positive thoughts and waited, tilling the soil, planting the seeds, weeding the garden, in anticipation of the bountiful harvest of your dreams? Wait no more, Spirit says. Keep the faith, continue to nurture and nourish your dream while taking action according to guidance and watch as the power of your spirit brings that dream into reality.

Beneficial thinking (as opposed to stinking thinking) is a must now; so be conscious of your thoughts and words. If negativity creeps in, remember to cleanse and transmute its effects through affirmation and intention. Hold the faith and think/act like you believe with absolute certainty in the limitless loving possibilities for your life.

Animal Card Wisdom
Spiritual Outlook: Eagle

The animal cards offer similar wisdom in resonance with that of the Faeries. What better card to draw in the position of Spirit than that of Eagle?! Eagle soars high among the clouds to connect us to the Light of Great Spirit. Eagle wisdom is the medicine of the Higher Self, bringing clarity and guidance for our wholeness.

The keen eyesight of an eagle reminds us that we too may see and envision with clarity. Eagle vision penetrates the layers of the past to bring healing, identifies the opportunities in the present and sees through the veil of the future to assist us in wisely following our path. Eagle medicine beckons us to soar with Spirit, to illuminate our path, to attune to the power of Light within the great Oneness, to create with Creator. Are you ready to use the power of intuitive guidance to manifest the vision of your Spirit? If so, let us fly with Eagle!

Mental/Intuitive Outlook: Bull
The bull is a symbol of the power of fertility. Bull also represents renewal that is born of sacrifice. The period of sacrifice is ending now as we begin to renew and re-dedicate ourselves to the growth of our souls in this journey on Earth. At the mental and intuitive level, the bull reminds us to replenish our psychic energy so that we may create the fertile ground to manifest our dreams. Associated with the sign Taurus, the Bull also represents abundance and earthly plenty.

The sixth chakra, in addition to being the energy center associated with intuition, is the highest of our creative centers. The second chakra brings forth manifestation on the physical plane whether in the form of children or offspring of another sort (anything we can build with our hands). The fifth chakra assists us in creative expression. But the sixth is the center that aligns our co-creative efforts, our imagination, our vision, our dreams, with those of Great Spirit. Bull medicine reminds us to activate that vision with all its fertile power and manifest our creative/intuitive wisdom in our lives.

Mental stresses can best be alleviated now by connecting with the Earth and grounding in its energy. Balance daily pressures with walks in nature, planting in your garden (once the weather warms again), finding an activity that aligns you with the Earth Mother. Embrace her energy in meditation. Honor her with the planting of seeds or trees, and pay homage to her energy and wisdom by planting seeds of growth in your own life.

Emotional Outlook: Lion
Lion wisdom encourages us to be courageous and strong as we trust the Universe and take a leap of faith, acting on intuitive guidance to manifest our dreams. Lions hunt in groups with the females doing most of the work. So let us remember (1) to draw upon the resources of others as we embark on our endeavors, allowing those with whom we share relationships to assist us, and (2) to summon the power of our feminine creative nature in opening to the opportunities around us.

Associated with the sign Leo, the lion advises us not to fear the limelight, to be playful and light-hearted, to act with benevolence, to accept leadership roles, to shine our solar Light into the world.

Physical/Material Outlook: Dove
Dove medicine brings divine inspiration, maternity and peace. As Bull tells us we have the mental/intuitive fertility to enact our dreams, Dove assures us we will actually birth those visions into material reality!

In many ancient cultures, doves represented birthing and maternal instinct, feminine creative power. Legend has it that the Greek Goddess Aphrodite was born from an egg brooded by a dove, her favorite bird. So again Spirit tells us with the layout of both sets of cards that we can birth our vision of wholeness, realize and materialize our dreams. Drawing upon our feminine creative instincts, which we all have whether male or female, will enable us to manifest those visions for the highest good. Envision the Divine Feminine as a dove of Light and Love working with you to inspire, create, sow and give birth to your highest intentions.

So here are our instructions if we choose to accept them...
1. Listen to intuitive wisdom passed to our minds from the Higher Self. Be aware and receptive.
2. Allow that insight to fuel our vision/intention.
3. Open to the co-creative flow from the Universe and to feminine energy.
4. Act on our highest guidance.
5. Birth through intention and action to realize our dreams.
6. Build a world of peace within ourselves, for truly this is the natural result of following our path with Spirit at the helm of our lives!

copyright 2005 L. Diana Henderson

Diana Henderson is an Intuitive/Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master Teacher and Energetic Therapist. She offers clear, inspiring guidance aligned with your Higher Self as well as classes and sessions that empower you to heal and energize your unique Destiny. Contact Diana if you ready to embrace the adventure of living fully as a Light Being in human form, to discover the True Self and to follow your Soul Path! Her practice in Raleigh and Wake County includes multiple alternative modalities--sowing the seeds of Light in many forms-to quicken our journey and illuminate the pathway ahead.
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