The Intuitive Is In: Column 3: April - May, 2005

Diana Henderson
copyright 2005 L. Diana Henderson

This bi-monthly column explores the energies available to us--spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically--over a 60-day period. I use various intuitive tools--runes, tarot, angel and faery cards, goddess and animal cards to name a few--and offer brief channelings from time to time as well. This third column offers insights into the vibration and outlook for April through May 2005 with guidance from the Runes, an ancient oracle used for divination and insight. When employed for spiritual growth, they can assist us to move forward.

Spiritual Outlook: Raido: Journey, Communication, Union
Spiritually, we are always on a journey toward union of the self and the Higher Self. In drawing this Cycle of Initiation rune, we are reminded of this process, this human/spiritual journey, and invited to progress on our paths by honoring the gift of communication.

The journey we all share toward self-healing and wholeness may be embraced at this time by removing resistance through cleansing and clearing ourselves. Since the onset of the vernal equinox (March 20) falls within this time period, doing a little spring cleaning of the home, the body, the mind and the spirit is in order. This will help each of us become clearer in our communication. Call upon Archangel Gabriel (“Hero of God”) to assist in receiving clarity and joining with the Higher Self.

Mental/Intuitive Outlook: Dagaz: Breakthrough, Transformation
Like Raido, Dagaz is a Cycle of Initiation rune of great power. The combination of these two runes can herald a massive shift; so it is vital for us as lightworkers to open to changes in our lives that bring us closer to wholeness and to transform our thinking into its most beneficial intent. We have the opportunity to turn on a dime, to make a choice to improve our thinking and to do what is necessary to create the most beneficial shift possible.

This rune beckons us to seize the day, to transmute the thinking that has held us back and to allow our intuitive wisdom to guide us in a direction that will bring success and prosperity. The onset of spring is the perfect time for this major growth spurt and transformation.

The Archangel Oracle Card in this position is “You Know What to Do” (Uriel - “God is My Light”), another source reminding us to trust the Universe and Carpe Diem. Allow Uriel’s radiance to assist you in the process of transforming your life.

Emotional Outlook: Uruz: Strength
Uruz is the third Cycle of Initiation rune in this spread, all appearing next to one another; so we’re almost certainly in for a season of major change. When we transform ourselves, we often leave something behind--it’s simply part of the process--and that’s what Uruz reminds us. As Ralph H. Blum says in his insightful work The Book of Runes, this rune of terminations and new beginnings “indicates the life you have been living has outgrown its form.”

If you’ve been emotionally blocked or stuck, consider what you’ve been holding on to that no longer works. It could be a relationship, a job, a behavior pattern or habit, an emotional issue that remains unresolved. We need to look deeply at outdated emotional patterns and connections and use the transformative essence of Dagaz together with the communicative nature of Raido, to help us release them.

It can be painful to let go of obsolete beliefs and emotional issues that are familiar or to move away from relationships or situations that no longer resonate with our highest good. Yet, if we resist this growth and change, the discomfort within only increases until its energy manifests in some more tangible way.

Therefore, emotional spring cleaning is needed at this time, and the changes resulting from it bring the gifts of strength, renewed creativity and a new perspective that will pave the way for a brighter future if we are willing to release what holds us back in the present and the past. Invite Archangel Chamuel (“He who seeks God”) to assist you in bringing Divine love and compassion into this process.

Physical/Material Outlook: Jera: Harvest
Drawing Jera tells us that if we embrace a cooperative and co-creative approach in dealing with the three runes previously discussed, if we do the work required spiritually, mentally and emotionally, the harvest is assured. We need to continue to till the soil, allowing the Divine to plant the seeds of communication, aligning our will with the Will of the Divine (by whatever name you choose) as Raido suggests, to fertilize the ground of our transformative powers as Dagaz reminds us, and to weed the garden of our being of emotional detritus as Uruz indicates. In doing so, Jera says we will reap bountiful blessings as a result of our labors. As with any garden, the harvest follows the season of toil and growth; so be patient if the benefits from your changes do not instantly occur and realize the gifts will come at the appropriate moment. In other words, we’re on the path to success; we just have to put in the work to get there.

Since this rune appears in the physical position of the spread, tangible fruits of our labors will manifest--usually directly related to whatever we relinquished with the essence of Uruz--perhaps a better job or career, a more fulfilling relationship, a healthier life.

I drew an Archangel Oracle Card at this position as well and had to smile at the similarity. The card was “Patience” (Archangel Jophiel - “Beauty of God”); its illustration shows an angel watering the plants in a garden. The card reminds us to continue to nourish our dreams. Jophiel’s illumination can bring inspiration as we work toward our goals and wisdom in understanding the timing if we allow his light to assist in fulfilling our potential.

General Intuitive Guidance:
Raphael ("God Has Healed") is the Archangel of spring. Associated with the emerald green of the Fifth Ray, his energy represents the rejuvenating, healing power of nature as it blossoms in this season. You may call upon him at this time to assist you in healing body, mind and spirit and opening to Higher Knowledge. He embodies the strength of healing through knowledge and service and can guide you to make the changes necessary to walk your path in greater wholeness.

Although I must stress that I’m not an astrologer, I would be remiss in not mentioning some astrological occurrences during this time period--particularly since the energy of an eclipse aligns with the very runes chosen (the endings and new beginnings of Uruz and the transformation of Dagaz). A total solar eclipse in the fire sign of Aries occurs on April 8. Effects of a solar eclipse can last for up to six months.

Prior to the eclipse, as the sun enters Aries at the Vernal Equinox (March 20), let’s take the time to embrace the highest ideals of this sign and meditate on correct action, inspiration and courage to fund a wise course. At the eclipse, we can meditate on peace, harmony, balance of the masculine and feminine and beneficial transformation. The eclipse embodies transformative power, and, as mentioned earlier, it is better to embrace change than to resist it.

This solar eclipse takes place in the midst of Mercury Retrograde (March 19 through April 12), which is a time to take greater care in communication and transportation and to seek clarity in our perceptions. It’s wise to stay as clear as possible during Mercury Rx, to exercise patience, to avoid jumping to conclusions or taking communications too personally. Be aware that all things related to communication (computers and mail as well as people) can get off kilter. So we must weather this period with care and wisdom. On a mundane note, it’s a good idea to file taxes before or after Mercury Retrograde.

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on April 24 (Passover weekend) takes place with the moon in the sign of Scorpio (sun in Taurus). This is a time to plumb our emotional depths, to meditate on the flow of life, to bring illumination to the well of the psyche. The process of release begun before the solar eclipse continues, and we’ll be able to bring to fruition some of the benefits from the changes we have embraced.

copyright 2005 L. Diana Henderson

Diana Henderson is an Intuitive/Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master Teacher and Energetic Therapist. She offers clear, inspiring guidance aligned with your Higher Self as well as classes and sessions that empower you to heal and energize your unique Destiny. Contact Diana if you ready to embrace the adventure of living fully as a Light Being in human form, to discover the True Self and to follow your Soul Path! Her practice in Raleigh and Wake County includes multiple alternative modalities--sowing the seeds of Light in many forms-to quicken our journey and illuminate the pathway ahead.
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