Alice Hough

Alice Hough, over the last several years has held the positions of SFF editor/writer and then Chairperson. No longer on our board, she remains a great supporter of SFF's mission and attends most of our monthly lectures and workshops.

She is a lightworker who uses energetic healing to promote growth and balance in herself and others. She is trained in DNA Activation and Healing, Reiki and aura cleansing. Her own spiritual journey has led her to explore many avenues of growth including animal and plant communication, prayer, music and sound, tarot, rebirthing and shamanic spirit journeying.

Alice says that the people and ideas she has met through SFF have had a very beneficial influence on her life and she is happy to be able to return some of that good energy to the group by serving on the board.

For those of us on the board, Alice is greatly appreciated for her ready willingness to do whatever was needed with our activities and the high level of competance and expertise she exhibits in all she does.


Alice may be reached at

SFF wishes to thank Alice for the loving time and energy she devotes to many SFF activities. She has donated sessions at our Psychic fairs, has contributed her services for raffle prizes at SFF lectures and many, many other things.

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