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Barnsley Brown

Thought Field Therapist & Intuitive Counselor
Barnsley Brown, Ph.D., and Reiki Master, offers all levels of Reiki classes, individual healing sessions, intuitive counseling/readings, past life regressions and stress management training. She is an ordained Interfaith Minister and has trained in numerous healing modalities including Reiki, Touch for Health, Thought Field Therapy™ (TFT) and more.
"All healing begins with self-healing.
Nurture your authentic self with help from Spirited Solutions™"

Do you feel stuck in old patterns that undermine your health and happiness? Have you come to a point in your life where you know change is necessary, but you're not sure how to proceed? Would you like to (re)claim a purpose for your life and experience radiant health of body, mind, and spirit?

Barnsley Brown and Spirited Solutions™ provide support, guidance, and focus for you in your life's journey. Barnsley holds an MSc from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland as well as a PhD from UNC-Chapel Hill, and has trained in Reiki, Touch for Health, dowsing, rebirthing, Thought Field Therapy, intuitive counseling, and more.

As an ordained Interfaith Minister, she brings a deep spiritual awareness to every session, and tailors the session to meet the needs of the individual client. "No two sessions are alike," she affirms. "I use the various tools at my disposal to design a specialized healing program for each person. Some people may require more physical healing, while others may be in need of spiritual, mental, or emotional healing or some combination thereof."

Barnsley offers a variety of services through Spirited Solutions™: ongoing classes in the three levels of Reiki, intuitive counseling, past life regressions, mind-body-spirit healing, and stress management training. Whether working with an individual client or with a number of people in a workshop setting, Barnsley's mission is "to inspire, heal, and empower others" by sharing her knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual gifts "with joy, love, and enthusiasm."

Spirited Solutions™ has group classes, individual appointments, a free monthly healing group,
and a complimentary newsletter with stress reduction tips and special offers available for you. Make a commitment to your health, happiness, and harmony, and contact Barnsley and Spirited Solutions™ today!

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SFF wishes to thank Barnsley for her participation in our Psychic and Healing Fair.