Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International
Beth Wilson

Reiki Master, Tarot, Astrology
Beth Wilson is a Reiki Master, holistic astrologer, Feng Shui practitioner and ordained minister. She is also trained in the Monroe Institute Gateway Program, I-Ching, Tarot and FOL Sacred Geometry. Through her practice in the Triangle, she offers clients an opportunity for increased joy, health and spiritual peace!

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You may contact Beth for any of the following reports.

1. Astrotalk Learn about you, one of the best astrological reports and explanations offered.

2. Sky Log (6 month reporting cycle) written by Steven Forrest. Very detailed report of your personal cycles.

3. The Asteroid Report Subtle but powerful astrological currents including Ceres the newly promoted “Dwarf planet.” Learn about subtle potent undercurrents in your chart.

4. Friends and Lovers Profiles are written just for the two of you: these reports give you an intimate guided tour of a relationship. Friends & Lovers calculates two personal horoscopes, compares them in detail, and prints an in-depth profile of what's happening or what could happen between you astrologically. Each Friends & Lovers report is written in four parts. This powerful synastry report astrologically profiles in either of two versions: romance reports for lovers, and potential lovers or profiles on non-romantic relationships. Use it to look at ANY type of relationship in your life: Family, Friends or Business.

5. Jupiter’s Promise by Stephanie Clement -Jupiter reflects some of the biggest concerns in our lives—religion, harmony, and wisdom, and expansion into new realms. At each Jupiter Return we have a chance to take stock of the previous twelve years, and set our sails for the next twelve-year period. We experience as many as seven or eight Jupiter returns in our lifetimes, and in some cases we get triple “hits” when Jupiter retrogrades over its birth position. This report focuses on the key moments of these returns to reveal expansive possibilities in our lives. *NEW*

6. Chakra Report & Flower Essence and Gemstone Reports- 2 New Reports in 1! Special Intro Offer
* Chakra Report by Lorna Houston -This report is about the mind and body connection and becoming aware of the latent energies in your aura and making the best, most spiritual use of them. The Chakra Healing Report neither diagnoses nor prescribes, but works on the subtler level of the astral aura, as described by astrology, to understand and potentially re-direct the energies before they manifest on the physical level, so that you may be in tune with the higher, spiritual purpose for which the energies are intended.
* Flower Essence & Gem by Gina Ronco - This report analyzes patterns of imbalance found in the natal chart and offers very unique alternatives for the promotion of healthful living.

Reports to be e-mailed–please confirm receipt. Would love to hear from you!
Astrology Wheel included in all report orders – Koch House System used unless Placidus requested
Personalized In-Depth Sessions * Gift Certificates * Full list of Reports available




Please Make Check payable to: Elizabeth C. Wilson 1204 Cypress Road Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 27517

twilson851@aol.com (919) 602-6507 www.ntastrology.org AFA, NCGR


Beth may be reached at 919-602-6507 or twilson851@aol.com
or visit www.ntastrology.org

SFF wishes to thank Beth for her participation in our 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2006 Psychic Fairs.

For more information, contact Beth Wilson at 919-602-6507 or by e-mail at twilson851@aol.com.