Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International
Dale Graff

Psychic Medium
Dale Graff is a psychic medium who puts people in contact with their deceased loved ones, spirit guides, angels, even departed pets. Trained and certified in mediumship by Sandy Anastasi, teacher of famous TV medium, John Edward, Dale provides readings that inspire and transform.

Before each reading, Dale encourages each sitter to silently invite any non-physical energy to join them and bring messages for their highest good. Dale's accuracy and empathy have been demonstrated in readings and gallery sessions across the country. He lives in Raleigh and can be reached for telephone readings at (919) 846-6466.


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SFF wishes to thank Dale for his participation in our 2004 and 2005 Psychic Fairs.

For more information, contact Dale Graff at 919-846-6951 or by e-mail at graffd@bellsouth.net.