Ordination into the Order of Melchizedek

Saturday, December 8
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
(with a short break; bring a snack or light lunch)

Location: 625 Tower Street, Raleigh
Tuition:  $190 in advance; $200 after December 6

Those who join the Order are not required to give up anything they believe in nor to resign from any other organizations; there is no doctrine they must follow; there are no popes, bishops, high priests, or hierarchies of any kind. There are many paths to God, but the basis of all true spiritual work is love—unconditional love—and we all come from that source.

Dan says, “You are perfectly designed to do your job and in the time and space required to do so. Since there are no accidents or coincidences, that puts us all smack in the middle of our path and expectation. Every past life that you ever created is here with you now as you endeavor to serve and progress in your growth to your next incarnation, in whichever or whatever domain you choose. Remember the key to a successful life intrusion is the art of unconditional self-love.... It’s that easy, and you have nothing to lose, but maybe a few centuries of karmic confusion. Love cancels karma!”

Dan will speak in detail about the history of the Melchizedek energies and incarnations, and answer questions about the purpose and function of the priesthood, legal issues, guidelines for rituals and ceremonies, and resources for further study. Priests are self-selected and everyone is welcome. In a sacred ceremony, you will be ordained as a Melchizedek priestess or priest and come to understand a new level of compassion and service. After ordination, you will receive an “energy boost” to enhance the work that you are already doing.

Here are comments from some of his former students:

“When I went through the ordination, I had a remarkable experience. I felt transported back to the time of the Egyptian period and saw myself in a room in the great pyramid during the ceremony. All were dressed in white robes and a deep feeling of awe filled my body. The impression lasted for a few days.

“Later in looking at some information about the pyramid, I saw a picture of the room I had visualized and felt a strong affinity to the priesthood and the experience. This was one of the most amazing psychic experiences I have had.”
~Drew Becker

“It’s been many years since I received the priesthood of Melchizedek ordination; even now I recall the experience as sacred and uplifting. Energetically the ordination ceremony itself felt similar to an attunement. The ordination provides a meaningful foundation for those who walk the path of healer and teacher. Dan is a bright spirit engaged in wondrous lightwork!”
~Diana Henderson

For more details, contact Dan at ChesbroD@aol.com
or visit his website,
Sanctuary of the Beloved


For local information or to register in advance, contact Tammy May:  (919) 414-0140 or Events@Spiritual-Frontiers.com.


Sessions with Dan Chesbro

Friday, December 7
9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Location: Home of Pam Scarboro in Wake Forest
          (Full details provided upon registration)

One-hour intuitive readings are $125.

For more information or to register in advance, contact Tammy May:  (919) 414-0140 or Events@Spiritual-Frontiers.com.