Diana Henderson

Programs and Healing Meditations

Diana has had an interest in metaphysics for more than 25 years. A Reiki Master/Teacher, she is also certified in DNA Activation and Therapeutic Breathwork. In addition, she¹s been doing psychic readings for several years and has expanded her work to incorporate spirit medium work and trance channeling. She is totally guided by Spirit while doing readings or healing work. In April 1995, she and her husband founded a group devoted to spiritual/psychic exploration. More recently, she began Metatron's Circle channeling group.

Through DNA Healing Techniques, Reiki training, energy work and classes in meditation and Intuitive Awareness, Diana focuses on opening individuals to their own psychic and healing gifts, enhancing their spiritual connection and helping them awaken to their soul's purpose.

Diana has been the Healing/Meditations chairperson since February 2000 and continues to enjoy this aspect of her work with SFF immensely. She also served as interim editor of Lightworks from January-September 2001. From July, 2003 through October, 2004 Diana served as SFF Chairperson. Starting in November, 2004, Diana has stepped down from the chairperson position and is now the Programs chair, while also continuing in her role as Healing/Meditations chair. Diana truly is indispensible to SFF and we treasure her many contributions.

Diana has been joyfully married since October 1990 to Reiki Master, Astrologer and DNA Healing Techniques Practitioner Drew Becker, who shares her interests and this path toward higher consciousness. Both are former English teachers with an avid interest in writing fiction and poetry.

Diana has a practice in Raleigh and may be reached at pulsarstar55@earthlink.net
or by phone at 919-552-0524

Check out her website at www.dianahenderson.net

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