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Diana Henderson

Runes, Angel cards, Intuitive

Diana Henderson - Intuitive Counseling, Alternative Healing, Reiki Master Teacher - Hastening the journey to enlightenment!

Diana offers...
~ Clear, inspiring intuitive guidance aligned with your Higher Self
~ Classes that empower you to heal and energize your unique Destiny
~ Multiple healing modalities to help you embrace wholeness and radiant health
~ Order of Archangel Michael initiations to awaken the inner Sword of Light and align us with Michael in the cause of Enlightenment.
Are you ready to embrace the adventure of living fully as a Light Being in human form--to discover the True Self and to follow your Soul Path?

My greatest joy is to envision the unique expression of Divinity within each person. I offer classes and sessions designed to awaken and enhance your healing and intuitive gifts. My work involves several modalities--sowing the seeds of Light in many forms--to quicken our journey and illuminate the pathway ahead. Get in touch if you feel the call of your spirit to partake in the adventure.

I have been doing Spirit-guided intuitive readings for many years. I began using Runes in 1992 after my friend and "spirit sister," a medicine woman, encouraged me to walk my walk and gave me the Runes as inspiration. A form of divination far older than tarot, Runes can assist in guiding us on our spiritual paths and helping us understand our circumstances along the way.

I also enjoy using the Angel cards as a way to easily tune in to the loving energies of the angels, who are always with us, and allow them to offer their insights and inspiration. My work as an intuitive and healing facilitator involves communicating with and channeling angels a great deal. Angelic guidance also led me to teach two classes on accessing and working with these beautiful beings of Light.

Working as an Intuitive Counselor and Reiki Master, I've discovered the truth in what I always believed: Everyone is psychic and able to achieve a sense of spiritual connection! In addition, the Universe has taught me both personally and through my work that we must take an active role in healing ourselves. On my own path toward self-healing and awakening, I became a Reiki Master Teacher, got certified in DNA Activation and Therapeutic Breathwork and took numerous classes including Quantum-Touch, Esoteric Healing, Advanced Energy, Muscle Testing, Energy Dowsing, Chakra Toning, Parapsychology, Spirituality, Dreams, Tarot, Medicine Wheel and Astrology among others. Much of my work focuses on opening people to their own intuitive and healing gifts and enhancing their spiritual connection. While fulfilling this life path, I've been guided to teach many classes including Reiki (all levels), Meditation, Crystals & Healing Stones, Intuitive Development, Accessing Angelic Guidance, DNA Activation workshops and more. All the experiences of my life--as a former English teacher, writer and graphic designer--contribute to the work I do now as teacher, intuitive counselor and healing facilitator.

In April 1995, my husband and I founded a group devoted to spiritual and psychic exploration. More recently, we began Metatron's Circle channeling group and the Order of Archangel Michael. All are devoted to expansion of consciousness and healing of the planet.

Diana Henderson is actively involved in the Raleigh, North Carolina, Chapter of Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International, where she serves as Healer/Meditation Board Member and Programs Chair. Diana previously was the Chairperson of SFF.

You may learn more about Diana and her work at www.DianaHenderson.net or at www.OrderofMichael.com.

Look for Diana's bi-monthly columns Messages from Micahael and The Intuitive is In in each on-line issue of Lightworks, and also read her previous articles on Reiki, DNA Activation and Healing in our archive under Articles on this website.



Diana may be reached at 919-552-0524 or online at pulsarstar55@earthlink.net.

Check out her website at www.dianahenderson.net

Areas of specialty:
DNA Activation & Healing
Energetic Therapies
Reiki classes & sessions
Past Life Regression
Spiritual Readings
Mission: To act as a spark to ignite the fire of Truth within others, to seed them with Light and Love.
Purpose: To awaken others to the Truth that they are already healed, whole and perfect.

SFF wishes to thank Diana for her participation in our 2002, 2004 and 2005 Psychic Fairs.

For more information, contact Diana Henderson at 919-552-0524 or by e-mail at pulsarstar55@earthlink.net.


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