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Drew Becker

Drew Becker has been interested in the miracle of the mind since youth and has endeavored to explore his own as well as those of others. He began studying astrology during college and continues to do so today.

Drew practices empowerment astrology with the intent of helping others maximize their gifts and talents and find ways to confront challenges and barriers in life. He is a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research and co-president of the local chapter (Network of Triangle Astrologers). Drew has studied and applied astrology for more than two decades and teaches courses to help others realize potentials through the birth chart. He is also a certified practitioner of DNA Activation and a Reiki Master and teaches classes in these healing techniques with his wife Diana Henderson. Whether working with DNA, Reiki or with a client¹s chart, his goal is to enable the individual to become more self-reliant and to reach for what is really important.

Astrology Classes Available:

Engaging Your Energies: An Introductory Study of Astrology
Topics covered include sun signs, the lunar cycle, the ascendant, the planets and their energies and the 12 houses. Includes an introduction to Venus and Mars, the relationship planets, and a synthesis/conclusion of class members¹ birthcharts to assist in drawing a more complete picture.

Transits & Progressions: An Intermediate Astrology Course
The course explores transits and progressions and how these affect individuals. Transits are the present placement of the planets; by comparing these to the birthchart, major life shifts can be predicted and reviewed. Progressions are a means of viewing the birthchart as a growing, evolving picture of you. Prerequisites: An introductory astrology course or a basic understanding of planets, signs and houses.

Aspects: A Hard Look, An Intermediate Astrology Course
This course focuses on the major aspects, explores what aspects are, how they are determined and orbs to use. Class members examine aspects and patterns in their own charts and work together with the teacher to interpret these. Participants learn about waxing and waning cycles and come to understand the relationship between these cycles and aspects. The concept of applying and separating aspects is also addressed.

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To schedule an astrological reading, find out about DNA Activation, Reiki or astrology classes, please call Drew at 919-552-0524 or email him at pulsarstar@earthlink.net.

SFF wishes to thank Drew for his participation in our previous Psychic and Healing Fairs and again at our Psychic Fair this year.