December 2001
Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship
Raleigh, NC
Issue 161

Doreathy David Booth
Stories of the Angels
How did the angels come into being? How did they come to earth and how can you talk to them?

The angels are here for you to call on and Doreathy David Booth will show you how. In four wonderful stories, you will hear about the angels of the past, the present and the future. The first story will introduce you to the hierarchy of the angels and how the seven archangels emerged. In the second story, you will hear about the four lower orders of angels and the jobs they were given. The third story will describe the cherubim and seraphim and how they can help you. Finally you'll learn about the magic of the garden fairies and rainbow spirits and how you can work with them.

Many people work closely with the angels today as the Essenes did many years ago. But there were early misunderstandings between man and the angels that had to be overcome. Even today, there are so many people who cannot hear the angels speak to them. Why? Doreathy will share some of her personal experiences with the angels; how she began talking to them, what they told her about November 8, 1989, and what you can do to welcome them into your lives.

Doreathy David Booth started her spiritual path at the age of five on a farm in Minnesota with her Grandma as her teacher. Grandma taught her how to do hands-on healings and how to call in the beings of light to help. She encouraged Doreathy to study H.P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and Leadbetter. After getting married and raising two children, Doreathy continued her studies including four summers under Joseph Campbell. She has been teaching and doing healings in her Grandma's tradition for thirty years.

Doreathy currently teaches at her farm, The Angels Nest Labyrinth and Sanctuary, in Oxford, N.C. The Angels Nest has been open to the public since 1998 and has been featured in Health and Healing, The Durham Herald-Sun and the local NBC-TV news. The farm has been a source of healing and renewal for many of its visitors. You can contact Doreathy at or visit the farm on weekends from 1PM until dusk.




December 6, 2001

Doors Open: 6:45 PM
Lecture: 7:15 - 9:30 PM
Cost: $5

We wish you a
Peaceful and Joyous
Holiday Season

No Healing Meditation
This Month

The lecture will be in the Clara Barton room (old sanctuary, upper building). We will not have a room available for a healing meditation.


Lectures begin at 7:15 PM We look forward to seeing you.


Astrologer George Ward to Speak in January, 2002

Of all the possible futures, which one is most likely to happen based on the ancient art and science of Astrology?
On January 3, 2002, astrologer George Ward will present a vision of what is in store for us next year. Please join us for a fun and informative evening!