March 2002
Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship
Raleigh, NC
Issue 164

Donald Cooper
Sitchin's Discoveries About The Sumerians

The Sumerians recorded the first atomic blast in 2025 BC

The above statement got my attention. How about you? Read on ...

Find out details on how the Earth, our moon and the asteroid belt were created. Learn about the creation of man in a test tube, about DNA and cloning.

Hear about the journey from another planet to Mars, on to Earth, and then back home. Discover the evidence of gold mining on Earth to save the atmosphere of the visitor's planet. Learn about other planets in our solar system only recently discovered but described in detail by visitors from another planet thousands of years ago. These visitors revealed themselves, traveled in spaceships and left a model of their spacecraft.

Does this sound like science fiction? Sure it does. Is it? No it is not. It is, in fact, ancient history. Many archaeologists, linguistic historians, and researchers have documented parts of the story, but Dr. Zecharia Sitchen has consolidated more of this research and presented it in his many books than anyone else.

Dr. Donald Cooper is also a researcher who is fascinated by the all but forgotten history of Earth ... and of mankind, and is a dedicated student of Dr. Sitchen's work. In the presentation on March 7, he will condense some of what Sitchen has discovered and meticulously documented and which has been presented in many writings and lectures.

Dr. Cooper, who is a retired Presbyterian minister, long ago became fascinated by how much real, physical evidence exists to document the earlier civilizations of Earth. There are real mysteries that beg for solution. Look at the immense stone formations in Baalbek, Jerusalem, Egypt and elsewhere which, even today, could not be duplicated or the stones hewn, transported or put into place due to their enormous size and weight. And yet, the "primitive" people of thousands of years ago somehow did it.

The Sumerians recorded the first atomic blast in 2025 BC on cuniform tablets. This, and many other things recorded in detail by the Sumerians are even referred to in the Bible.

If this sounds intriguing to you, you should definitely plan on attending this lecture. You should also pick up one or more of Sitchen's books. Prepare to be amazed.

Shamanic Practitioner Leads

Mara Bishop, a talented intuitive and shamanic practitioner with impressive credentials, will lead the meditations at the January 3 meeting. Mara has a practice in Durham as an intuitive consultant, shamanic practitioner and teacher. Her background includes a Master's in Energy Medicine from Greenwich University and Certification in Shamanic Counseling (Harner Method) from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. For more information, contact Mara at 919-419-1074 or by e-mail at You may also visit her website at

The healing meditation begins at 6:30 in the Old Sanctuary. Please arrive on time.


March 7, 2002

Doors Open: 6:45 PM
Lecture: 7:15 - 9:30 PM
Cost: $5

Soul Stealing or Giving?
by Maryphyllis Horn

Healing Meditation
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Time: 6:30 - 7:00 PM

Cost: Free

The healing meditations begin promptly at 6:30 PM. To respect the special energy created during meditations, we ask for your consideration in arriving on time.


Lectures begin at 7:15 PM following the meditation. We look forward to seeing you on Thursdays.


Coming in February, 2002

AlexSandra Lett will speak on the topic
"Missing Steps in the Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow Approach"