December, 2005
Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship
Raleigh, NC
Issue 204

Mary Lemons

Gathering of the Species: Transcend Barriers & Connect to All That Is
We humans do such a good job of being human that often we forget our spirituality and connection with other species and other forms of life.

We busy ourselves with third dimensional activities, sometimes making us numb to the spiritual resources right before us.

It is time for us to get off the top of the totem pole and recognize all other life forms as manifestations of Spirit. We must return to the rhythm of the universe that flows through all creation.

When we journey to the heart of creation, we experience unsurpassed joy. In that sacred space, we transcend all barriers and can communicate with all beings. We can then heal ourselves, our planet and all inhabitants.

Other species have been patient. They await our recognizing them as resources for our own awareness. They are willing to partner with us for the evolvement of all creation. As we move beyond the illusion of separateness, we transform our reality and create a world of Oneness with all beings.

In this seminar you will transcend perceived barriers between species and allow them to help you in your personal life. Understand and partner with animal spirit guides as you return to the sacred heart of All That Is.

Journey with Mary Lemons to the Gathering of the Species, where many wonders await you. As a group of willing humans, we will honor non-human species, thanking them for partnering with us in our earthly journey.

Mary Lemons is founder of Inner Awakenings, a holistic healing practice fo all species. A certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master and Professional Animal Communicator, Mary is trained in numerous healing modalities that complement traditional medical and veterinary care.

Mary is dedicated to helping humans and all species consciously experience Oneness of all life. Her various seminars awaken your inner self and help you incorporate your spirituality into your practical everyday life. In all of these experiential workshops, Mary helps you access your higher self and receive guidance and insight from Spirit:

Communicating with Animals and All Creatures
Exploring the Spirituality of Your Relationships
Facing Grief, Walking Through It, Finding Hope
Reincarnation: Healing Your Past Spiritually
Practical Spirituality: Reducing Stress, Honoring Body & Spirit, Creating a Meditative Life
Spiritually Connecting with Mother Earth and All Creation
Unleashing Your Power Within: Singing Your Own Song
Gathering of the Species
Sacred Space: Shamanic Journey of Spiritual Communication
Honoring Your Body & Spirit: Reclaiming the Joy of Living
Zen Chien: A Spiritual Journey in Dog Training
CHI DAS Body Movement: Dancing with Awareness of Spirit

Mary is author of Animal Talk, a column in Art of Well Being periodical and also author of these meditation CDs: Self-Healing Chakra Balance Meditation and Communing with Animal Spirit Guides. She recently taped a series of Animal Communication shows for Pathways that airs on Charlotte public access TV.

Mary is co-owner of LL Quarter Horse Farm located at the foothills of the Uwharrie Mountains, the oldest mountain range in North America. Her home and farm in Albemarle, NC, offer you safe haven and respite. Her personal or long distance private consultations are equally effective. Mary¹s ability to see beyond your third dimensional being takes you on a transformational journey into the depths of your being.

Because of her love for humanity and with the help of dedicated people, she has recently created a non-profit organization, Quantum Institute International (QII), with the purpose to develop human potential by raising human consciousness. The teaching she provides through the QII website and classes is accessible to everyone as the organization operates solely on donations.

When you come to the edge of all the light you know and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen: there will be something solid to stand on, or you will be taught to fly.

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December 1, 2005
Doors Open: 6:45 PM

Lecture: 7:15 - 9:30 PM
Admission: $10

Early Meditation: 6:30 PM
Admission: FREE
The December meeting will be held in the old sanctuary (lower level) in the newly re-modeled and expanded
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh
at 3313 Wade Avenue in Raleigh.

Private Readings
Mary Lemons

Friday, December 2, 2005
Please see below


Early Meditation
John Duncan
(See Below)

Time: 6:30 - 7:00 PM

Cost: Free

An open guided meditation will be held at 6:30 PM in the Ralph Waldo Emerson room (the upper building, lower level) at the UUFR

The lectures begins at 7:15 PM following the meditation. We look forward to seeing you!

Private Readings
Mary Lemons
Mary will be available for private
sessions on Friday, December 2 at the
Whole Life Center, 1209 Ridge Rd.
Mary offers two types of
Spiritual Healing Sessions
Intuitive Animal Readings
The cost is $95 for a one hour session of either type. Only a very limited number of sessions are available. To reserve a
session with Mary, please contact Susan Johnston at
919-755-0302, or
Spiritual Healing Sessions
My spiritual healing sessions have many possibilities depending upon your interest and need. I attune to your higher self and receive insight into the issues affecting your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. My intuitive messages help you understand your life experiences, heal your past, fully accept your present, and positively affect your future. Every aspect of your growth and self-realization can be dealt with absentee as well as in person. Spiritual energy work helps you release issues, limitations, and energetic blockages. My spiritual attunements complement traditional medicine by helping you realize the issues behind physical symptoms.

When a person lives in close proximity or I am in their area and they are able to come for a personal session, I recommend that avenue. However, I have clients nationwide who live too far away for personal sessions so they contact me for absentee, long distance consultations. Spiritual healing is as effective absentee as in person. It is not necessary for me to be in your presence or to have a picture of you to connect with you. Since I connect with your spirit, we move beyond third dimensional aspects.

When you request such a session, you give me pertinent information about your intention for the session and the names of people and animals in your home. We agree upon a personal session time or a time for you to call me for absentee/long distance work. We then enter Sacred Space and follow Spirit’s guidance, allowing healing on many levels. If your session is absentee, I tape your phone consultation for you. Below are examples of some of the issues I have addressed with my clients, humans and animals, in person and absentee. My work encompasses more than these examples.
* Attuning to resources available to you in nature
* Career problems and decisions
* Communicating with deceased persons and animals
* Death and dying (of self or others, human and all species)
* Educational concerns (career choices, preparing for and taking exams)
* Empowering yourself
* Energy work to balance, activate your innate healing abilities (intuitive bodywork)
* Entity releasing
* Grief and bereavement (helping you process grief of any kind)
* Identifying and releasing ancestral and genetic issues and limitations
* Identifying spirit guides
* Lost animals
* Pain Management
* Partnering your body and your spirit
* Past life regression
* Physical and emotional healing
* Preparing your body for surgery, post-op recovery
* Relaxing bodywork to calm you and help you release stress and tension * Relationship issues
* Self esteem
* Soul retrieval
* Spiritually connecting with Mother Earth
* Stress management
* Understanding the underlying cause of health problems

Animal Readings
In my intuitive animal readings I connect you with the higher self of your animal
and you learn from each other. It is not necessary for me to be in your or your animal’s physical presence in order to connect with him. Neither do I need a picture of your animal. Since I connect with you and your animal spiritually, we move beyond third dimensional aspects.

The following are some of the issues I have addressed in sessions with humans and animals:
* Behavior issues
* Bereavement
* Lost animals
* Pet jealousies
* Training issues
* Healing relationships
* Rescuing & adopting animals
* Sick or dying animals
* Connecting with deceased animals
* Past lives you have shared
* Preparing for absences from your animal
* Inviting your animal to help you spiritually in your job
* Acknowledging your animal’s specific purpose with you
* Understanding underlying cause of health problems

Connecting with your animal spiritually can be very practical. It helps with animal behavior, letting the animal and human know what each other expects of them. It can also affect the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of your pet and your own self.

My intuitive sessions complement traditional veterinary care. They help you realize emotional issues behind physical symptoms. Dealing with emotional and spiritual issues speeds up physical healing in both animals and people.

Communicating with dying animals helps animal and owner process grief. It shifts the owner’s perspective to relating to their beloved pet spiritually instead of
physically. After an animal physically dies, he is available to his owner on a different level. It is amazing how our deceased animals continue to work with us. Having lived with us here on Mother Earth, they know what we need and desire. Being in spirit, they can help make our earthly journey easier for us.

As we communicate with animals, we gain insights into our own issues. Our animals’ experiences are opportunities for our own spiritual growth. Many times
our pet’s journey mirrors our own journey. My intuitive animal sessions can truly open the door to your own self-awareness and to the depth of your relationship with your pet. The possibilities are unlimited when you commune with animals spiritually.

Mary Lemons
Inner Awakenings
47704 Miller Town Rd, Albemarle, NC 28001 704-422-5055

Healing Meditation
John Duncan

The early meditation begins at 6:30 PM. Please arrive on time to optimize the energetics of the group body.
Come early for the Healing Meditation at 6:30 and experience an opportunity to get centered and release stress.

The early meditation will be led by John Duncan, a long-time student, practitioner and instructor of hands-on healing. Those who know John would call him grounded and compassionate. Truly heart-centered in his presence, John exudes warmth and an inner calm that assists others in feeling peace and opening to healing.

Come early for the Healing Meditation and experience an opportunity to get centered and release stress. Deepen your understanding of the body as energy and allow the wonderful world of sound to open up the innate healing capacity of your body/mind/spirit.


The early meditation is held in the Ralph Waldo Emerson room of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh.

This is in the same building (Peace Hall) as the Clara Barton room, but the Emerson room is on the lower level.

If coming from the front parking lot, go down the steps between the two buildings. There's an entry door on the right side of Peace Hall. Go in this door and down the hall, and the Ralph Waldo Emerson room is on the left at the end.

If coming from the back parking lot, go up the steps between the main building, which houses the sanctuary in front and Fellowship Hall in the rear, and Peace Hall, the building to the left. Entry door will be on the left a short distance up the stairs.

Please be on time so as not to disturb the energy of the channeled meditation.

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