February, 2006
Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship
Raleigh, NC
Issue 206

Michael French

In Your Wildest Dreams
"Since nothing survives without a purpose in the evolution of a species, the questions that get begged here are why do we dream, and what in the world is a fetus in the womb dreaming about?”

Michael French is one of the nation’s leading experts on dreams. Since he last spoke at SFF seven years ago, he has written a thesis on the field of dreams at Princeton University, where he majored in psychology and religion, and has lectured locally and nationally on the subject. His orientation to interpreting dreams is clearly a spiritual one.

“We all dream four or five times every night in approximately 90-minute intervals,” Michael says,“ and we’ve all been doing it — both as a species and as individuals — quite literally since the beginning of time. Not only has every culture throughout history made reference to dreams, but we now have the scientific instrumentation to show that even as babies in the womb, we all experience REM, or the rapid eye movement state in which dreams occur, as our minds develop. Since nothing survives without a purpose in the evolution of a species, the questions that get begged here are why do we dream, and what in the world is a fetus in the womb dreaming about?”

Michael will answer these questions and more at our February 2nd meeting. He’ll use a graph to show the physiological aspects of how we dream, and he will share a philosophy for why we dream that has emerged from his work with hundreds of clients and thousands of dreams over the years. Along with these “how and why” looks at the subject, Michael will cite examples of some of the common dream symbols that regularly show up in everyone’s dreams and will show us how these common symbols take on great specificity for each individual dreamer. He’ll explain why the various people who populate our dreams are there, and he will give tips and techniques for improving dream recall for those of us who have difficulty remembering dreams at all.

If we have enough time, Michael will draw on dreams from the audience to demonstrate how to break a dream down into three distinct parts and how to put these parts back together again into a coherent whole with a meaning that is entirely different from the seemingly wacky story line of the original.

“If I were to sum dreams up in a single sentence,” Michael says, “they are nothing more than a running commentary on the shenanigans of our egos.” We are hardwired as human beings to have these experiences we all know and refer to as our dreams, and their purpose is to give us insights about the way in which we are choosing to live our lives. There is a method to the madness of why our dreams seem so wacky, and this is what Michael will be revealing based on his careful study of the subject for more than 30 years now. Come to this seminar and discover the messages that are embedded “In Your Wildest Dreams.”

Michael conducts dream study groups and private dreamwork sessions with individuals and couples committed to one another. There will be a sign-up sheet at the seminar for those interested in exploring dreams in a group context, and you can contact Michael by phone at 788-7600 or by e-mail at michael.french@earthlink.net to schedule an appointment for a private session.


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Calendar of Events

February, 2006 - Michael French
In Your Wildest Dreams
March, 2006 - Susan Reintjes
Third Eye Open - Accessing Past Lives

April, 2006 - TBD


May, 2006 - M. Temple Richmond
Frances Bacon & Raleigh and Harry Potter



February 2, 2006

Doors Open: 6:45 PM

Lecture: 7:15 - 9:30 PM
Admission: $10
$8 for Seniors (age 65 +)
$8 for Students with Student ID

Early Meditation: 6:30 PM
Admission: FREE

The Janurary meeting will be held in the old sanctuary (lower level) in the newly re-modeled and expanded
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh
at 3313 Wade Avenue in Raleigh.


Sound Healing Meditation
Suzette Foster Anacetti
(See Below)

Time: 6:30 - 7:00 PM

Cost: Free

An open guided meditation will be held at 6:30 PM in the Ralph Waldo Emerson room (the upper building, lower level) at the UUFR

The lectures begins at 7:15 PM following the meditation. We look forward to seeing you!

Sound Healing Meditation
Suzette Foster Anacetti

Come early for the Healing Meditation
and experience an opportunity to get centered and release stress. Deepen your understanding of the body as energy and allow the wonderful world of sound to open up the innate healing capacity of your body/mind/spirit.

Gifted Energetic/Sound Healer, Spiritual
Medium and Life Coach/Mentor Suzette Foster Anicetti will guide you directly into higher vibrational fields using sound and toning.

Science recognizes the value in sound
vibrations in balancing and healing the body. Sound Healing Meditation releases both physical pain and emotional blocks. Come willing to release emotional stress and physical issues. You may learn more about Suzette and her work at her website www.suzettefoster.com
or by emailing her at sanicetti@aol.com.

The early meditation is held at 6:30 PM in the Ralph Waldo Emerson room of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh. This is in the same building (Peace Hall) as the Clara Barton room, where we held meditations at UUFR in years past, but the Emerson room is on the lower level of that building.

If coming from the front parking lot, go down the steps between the two buildings. There's an entry door on the right side of Peace Hall. Go in this door and down the hall, and the Ralph Waldo Emerson room is on the left at the end.

If coming from the back parking lot, go up the steps between the main building, which houses the sanctuary in front and Fellowship Hall in the rear, and Peace Hall, the building to the left. Entry door will be on the left a short distance up the stairs.

Please arrive on time to optimize the energetics of the group dynamic.


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