November, 2009

Issue 246

Mellen-Thomas Benedict
Journey Through the Light and Back

“The human soul, the human matrix that we all make together is absolutely fantastic, elegant, exotic, everything… I did not know how beautiful we are. At any level, high or low, in whatever shape you are in, you are the most beautiful creation… [T]o be the human part of God… this is the most fantastic blessing… Each and every one of us… is a blessing to the planet….”

This is just a hint of the many revelations that came to Mellen-Thomas Benedict during his at-least-90-minute near death experience. His is one of the most studied near-death cases in the world; he has taken part in more research projects and think tanks than any other near-death experiencer. In a presentation based on his book Journey Through the Light and Back, Mellen will tell the story of his near death experience and some of what he learned, share his insights about the true nature of the NDE, and describe its implications for all humankind and our future.

After living a life of negativity and cynicism; despondent over nuclear weapons, ecological damage, toxic waste, overpopulation, and other man-made problems; and believing that humanity was a mistake of nature and a cancer on the planet, Mellen was diagnosed in 1981 with inoperable, terminal brain cancer. He was irreligious: he had no interest in spirituality or religion, despite having attended Catholic boarding school as a child; he cared so little about it he didn’t even describe himself as an atheist or agnostic. He did read the few books on philosophy and spirituality that were available at the home where he received private hospice care—including one on world religions, which included some references to reincarnation and NDEs. On a morning in early 1982, Mellen died.

When he first left his body, he realized he was having a near death experience similar to those he had read about, and he began to move toward the welcoming light; but then, knowing that to continue to the light would mean that he was dead, he asked for the experience to stop so he could ask some questions. In the course of his NDE adventure, all his wide-ranging questions were answered and his cosmic-travel requests were granted before he returned to his body. Deepak Chopra, in his book Life after Death: The Burden of Proof, recounts Mellen’s journey at length because, he says, it “practically provides an encyclopedia of the afterlife.”

Mellen returned with a sense of hope and a passion for life, along with continued access to universal intelligence, and with no trace of the cancer that had killed him. An artist and writer before his death, Mellen has devoted himself to scientific research projects since then. The knowledge he gained about light properties, quantum biology, and fractal geometry enables him to be a bridge between science and spirit; he has participated in research programs on life after death experiences and has developed and patented new technologies for health and wellness.

In his talk he will examine cosmic questions:

Where did we come from? The sacred nature of biology and the revelation of Gaia.
Why are we here? The greatest gift; the star seed of Gaia.
Where are we going? The future of mankind; the beauty of it all; nothing has been lost and everything is gained.
Is there life after death? What if we have already been alive forever?

With a stepfather in the military, Mellen had a roving childhood until his family eventually settled in Fayetteville. Now he lives and works in Aptos, California (on Monterey Bay). He has a second book coming out, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Other Side (Or What to Do if You Wake up Dead). It is a joyful handbook on preparing for transition; it touches on karma, the purpose of the life review, consciously planning to be reborn, and how to ask for help. Both books will be available from before the end of the year. You will be able to purchase two CDs, however: Earth Gaia 101: Mellen Speaks Live in Los Angeles and Excerpts from Journey Through the Light and Back (2-CD set); a portion of the proceeds goes to support SFF.

An interview with Kala Ambrose was broadcast on Friday, October 9, at 8 p.m. Eastern time on the Explore Your Spirit with Kala online talk radio show. After the broadcast the show will remain available in the website’s archive.

Mellen’s NDE is described in greater detail (which he declares is still a mere glimpse into the full depth of his journey) at; there is a link on the home page, also, to a series of earlier radio interviews.

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Seniors / Students $8:

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For directions, or to register in advance, contact Jim Fletcher:

Opening Meditation

We will have, as always, a brief meditation before the start of our program. Alice Hough will lead a short crystal bowl meditation. Crystal bowls are tuned to vibrate at specific frequencies that are beneficial to life. As we meditate with them, the bowls offer gentle healing energy that flows throughout our physical and energetic bodies. We emerge from the experience feeling cleansed and renewed. Alice is an energetic healing practitioner in Raleigh who has also donated a healing session as this month’s raffle prize. She looks forward to sharing the crystal bowls with you.

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November 5, 2009
Special New Location!!
Amran Temple Shriners of Central North Carolina
11101 Creedmoor Road
Raleigh, NC 27614

Doors Open: 6:45 PM
Lecture: 7:15 - 9:30 PM
Cost: $10
Seniors/Students: $8 with valid ID

Note: There will only be seating for 350 people. We will have to turn away people in excess of room capacity due to the fire code, so plan on arriving early if possible to assure a seat.

Note: Due to the special location, there will not be an early healing mediatation for this event. We will have an opening meditation using crystal bowls played by Alice Hough, though.

Private Sessions
Mellen-Thomas Benedict

Mellen will offer 60-minute sessions each consisting of two parts:

First, a 30-minute intuitive session, based on your needs, that may involve psychic reading, palmistry, tarot, or energy work.

Second, a 30 minute treatment using StarClear, a unique light technology Mellen developed, for chakra system balancing and whole body energizing. In a graceful and gentle way, this light works to clear negative emotional charges in the atomic, cellular, and auric bodies all at the same time.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
November 6, 7 & 8
$125 per session

As of today (10/28), there are only a few session slots left. Be prepared to pay for your session at the meeting or contact Jim Fletcher now to arrange your session. If we have not received payment for any pre-registered sessions by the time of the lecture, those slots will be made available to others.

Location: Peace Tree Village
609 Saint Mary's Street
Raleigh, NC 27605

To register in advance, contact Jim Fletcher.


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This Month's Angel Door Prize

A CD, Excerpts from Journey Through the Light and Back (2-CD set)
These CDs contain lengthy sections of content from Mellen-Thomas' new books.


This Month's Raffle - $5

Buy a ticket for a chance to win a one-hour healing session with Alice Hough valued at $65.

Alice is a light worker and energetic healer. Drawing on a wide range of training and experience, she works with Spirit to channel loving energies from the Earth and Universe into your body and energetic field, allowing you to release old patterns, restructure beliefs, and replenish energies. Many forms of healing can occur as the flow of healing energy works with you on all levels, altering your energetic alignment and creating a healing state of grace in your life.

On the path of her own growth and healing, Alice studied many healing practices and spiritual traditions: She is an ordained priest in the Order of Melchizedek, a level II Reiki practitioner, a certified Theta Healing practitioner, and a member of the Order of Michael. She is also trained in DNA activation and healing techniques, energy balancing, aura clearing, and shamanic journeying. She is a student of Kabalah and other mystery school traditions, both eastern and western—teachings that greatly enrich her life and spiritual practice, helping bring deep compassion and insight to her healing work. She is also a long-time supporter of SFF with service on the board (writer, chairperson, and treasurer), by printing fliers for our monthly programs (with the support of Tremont Medical Center), financially, and spiritually!

To learn more or to make an appointment, contact Alice at (919) 622-2329, send an email to or speak with her at the lecture.

With the venue change for this event, we won’t be providing refreshments this month. We’ll still take an intermission, however; bring a snack of your own for consumption at that time, if you like!

We will have cups and excellently delicious artesian spring water provided by Tom Hildebrand and Happy Hill Springworks of Siler City.

If you would like to sponsor the refreshments at one of our monthly events, please see any of the board members. Your contribution is tax deductable.

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