September, 2010

Issue 254

Allan Chuck
The Power of Soul for Healing and Transformation


The purpose of life is to serve. There are many ways to do so, even from your home and in every moment of your daily life. It can become your way of life to heal and transform yourself and others.

This is a premise of the life work of Dr. Zhi Gang Sha and his Soul Power Series of books. Allan Chuck has been a student of Dr. Sha for 10 years and is now one of his Worldwide Representatives. In his talk with us he will describe the Soul Power techniques that “awaken the healing power already present in all of us,” and will demonstrate the healings, by way of “Divine Soul Downloads,” to some of our audience member volunteers. It promises to be an exciting evening of soul healing and wisdom.

We will chant, give and receive blessings, and discover the power of our Souls through Master Sha’s simple Soul Healing techniques; these are described in his book The Power of Soul: The Way to Heal, Rejuvenate, Transform, and Enlighten All Life. We’ll learn secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques that can rapidly develop our spiritual journeys; and receive powerful Divine treasures and Soul healings from Allan—requested for any aspect of life: physical, mental, emotional, relationships, or finances.

Here is a sample of what has been said about this work:

“… [I]t has been my joy to witness how those who apply [Dr. Sha’s] teachings and techniques experience increased energy, joy, harmony, and peace in their lives… Through his Soul Power Series, Dr. Sha guides the reader into a consciousness of healing not only of body, mind, and spirit, but also of the heart. I consider his healing path to be a universal spiritual practice, a journey into genuine transformation.” ~ Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith.

“Now we have a new doorway to the power of soul—one of appreciation, devotion, and above all, of unconditional love at its most powerful. The soul is our major guide. Its power is limitless… Dr. Sha, assisted by Soul Power and Divine Soul Downloads, is the transformer.” ~ C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

“The power of soul can heal, prevent illness, rejuvenate, prolong life, and transform consciousness and every aspect of life, including relationships and finances… The power of soul will awaken and transform the consciousness of humanity and all souls.” ~ Dr. Zhi Gang Sha.

About our speaker, Dr. Sha has said, “I cannot appreciate and honor my final editor of this book, Allan Chuck, enough for his great contribution… He is responsible for training our Divine Writers and Divine Editors. He has made great contributions to Heaven’s Library publications and to our entire mission”; and “Allan is one of my top Worldwide Representatives. As my editor, he knows all the wisdom in and out. He is a Total GOLD servant,” where GOLD stands for gratitude, obedience, loyalty, and devotion.

Allan travels the world from his home near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, teaching and demonstrating this healing process. He is a Divine Channel, Divine Direct Soul Communicator, Divine Healer, Divine Writer, and Divine Editor with the Sha organization; he currently is focused on his role as Chief Editor for Heaven’s Library and the Soul Power book series.

To learn more about Dr. Sha’s Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment, Soul Power healing, and the Divine Soul Downloads, go to



Early Meditation - Free

6:30 - 7:00 PM in the church office. Look for the door signs that will direct you to the meditation.

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September 2, 2010

Triangle Center for Spiritual Living
4900 Waters Edge Drive, Suite 250
Raleigh, NC 27606

Note: SFF is not affiliated with the Triangle Center for Spiritual Living, but beginning with the August 2010 meeting, this will be our new home

Doors Open: 6:45 PM
Lecture: 7:15 - 9:30 PM
Cost: $10
Seniors/Students: $8 with valid ID

Light refreshments, provided by SFF, will be available at the break

Weekend Workshop
Allan Chuck
Saturday & Sunday,
September 4 – 5;
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
$195 in advance by September 2; $250 after September 2

See Below for details

Private Sessions
Allan Chuck
A limited number of private healings and soul readings are available during Allan’s visit:
August 30th – September 6th:
One hour: $185
Half hour: $125
For more information or to make an appointment,
contact Ellen Marr at 919-395-7287 or Susan Hunter at 919-616-6888.



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This Month's Angel Door Prize


Allan Chuck has donated one of his items that will also be for sale as a door prize.

This Month's Raffle - $5

Enter to win a session with one of our gifted local practitioners.

We will be providing light refreshments at the break. This month, the refreshments will be provided by SFF.

If you would like to sponsor the refreshments at one of our monthly events, please see any of the board members. Your contribution is tax deductable.

Upcoming Events

Oct. 7, 2010
Gary Duncan
Hermetic Tradition of Spiritual Alchemy


Weekend Workshop
Come to this workshop prepared to heal and transform: Discover the power of your Soul, receive powerful healing blessings from Allan Chuck, and learn Master Sha’s simple Soul Healing techniques to heal yourself and others.

The workshop covers:
· How to heal yourself and others
· Powerful simple techniques for healing soul, mind and body
· Special Soul Healing for one issue: emotional, physical mental, financial, or relationship
· Karma as the root cause for success and failure, and how to self-clear your bad karma
· The spiritual importance of Xiu Lian and how to practice it
· Purification and why it is vital for the spiritual journey
· How to purify the soul, heart, mind, and body
· Spiritual testing and how to pass it
· How to reach soul enlightenment and fulfill your soul’s journey.

Allan Chuck is a powerful healer, a Soul Communicator, and a clear and engaging teacher. He has received all of the healing transmissions offered by his most beloved teacher and spiritual father, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. He can offer soul readings for life guidance, or to clear your sickness karma and total karma. Master Sha has said of him, “Allan is one of my top Worldwide Representatives. As my editor, he knows all the wisdom in and out. He is a Total GOLD servant,” where GOLD stands for gratitude, obedience, loyalty, and devotion.

For more information or to register, contact Ellen Marr at 395-7287 or Susan Hunter at 616-6888.




Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship Raleigh Mission

At SFF, our mission is to enhance the spiritual, mystical, and metaphysical awareness and consciousness of our community by sponsoring programs that facilitate personal growth and development and a holistic approach to health and living.

Within the scope of our mission, we choose speakers who offer a variety of views and philosophies, but SFF does not endorse any speakers’ statements or beliefs. You are invited to come with an open mind and depart with all that feels true for you.


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